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Dalvin 03-27-05 11:32 PM

Enchanted April...any news?
I absolutely love this film with a passion. It gave you such a beautiful look at life in Italy, and the cinematography was breathtaking. Has anyone heard any news as to a release of this? I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Randy810 03-28-05 03:02 PM

I am looking for this also. It is a great movie. I would have expected (hoped) ENCHANTED APRIL to have released a while ago. With all the garbage they are releasing , re-releasing you would hope some of the little gems to get released also.

At least we finally got BRINGING UP BABY

Dalvin 03-28-05 05:10 PM

A-Men to everything you just said. Gems like this are rare.

dinsdale piranha 03-28-05 05:17 PM

I'd like to see this released as well... along with "Hear My Song" (another early Miramax). By the way, "For Roseanna" (aka "Roseanna's Grave") which, like Enchanted April, features Polly Walker was just announced by New Line for June 14th.

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