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slabinskia 03-24-05 11:16 PM

Will any of these get SE releases
Most of these I got from this site but is there any news on special editions for any of these dvds ?Long list but I figured keep them in one thread.

con air
south park the movie
crimson tide
enemy of the state
three kings
the game
american history x
full metal jacket

FinkPish 03-24-05 11:19 PM

Massive, long thread here: http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=89464

Cameron 03-24-05 11:26 PM

Face/Off CE 07.12.05
Face/Off SE! 7/12

three pages...some good news...some bad news
new dvd release of Three Kings

Full Metal Jacket is rumored to be coming remastered in high def for a new Kubrick Box...they were showing it (in widescreen) on a high def channel last year....search kubrick, and you can find bits and pieces on this.

American History X just got a keep case....so thats an upgrade

ruk 03-24-05 11:26 PM

crimson tide
enemy of the state, both were due out in may last year but have been delayed for some unknown reason, faceoff SE is coming out in june or july, ronin and conair i am not sure of and the rest i have not heard anything.

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