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Thirteen27 03-20-05 12:44 AM

New Fat Albert DVD w/ BONUS!!!
Now I already have a few Fat Albert epiosdes on DVD. It's a must have for cats who grew up on this show. It's still funny. It's wild to see a super young Bill Cosby. Plus one of these dvd's has the first 12 episodes that ever aired on tv. There is even a bonus DVD of the original music from the show. Now that's what's up. They are also releasing the easter special on dvd. Gotta get em on some Pokemon ish.

They are both in stores already.

SPiRAL 03-20-05 01:15 AM

I bought the 4 disc collection, is it on there ?

Rogue588 03-20-05 02:42 PM

I think the 4 disc'r was a collection of various episodes.

The new 2 disc'r seemes to be a "season" set. With the CD thrown in too.

SPiRAL 03-20-05 07:01 PM

Ahh, thanks Rogue.

NitroJMS 03-20-05 10:31 PM

Anyone else think this guy is a studio pitchman? 1st post and he's pimping a new dvd release.

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