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davejt1 03-18-05 09:51 AM

Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte on DVD?
Was this film supposed to be released on DVD this week (3/15)? I have it written down on my "must buy" list for the week but didn't see it in any stores. I can't find news about a cancellation anywhere - I can't even figure out where I got that release date from in the first place.


Paul Drake 03-20-05 12:04 PM

At one time this title was rumored to be part of Fox's Noir line-up which was surprising since this really isn't a noir. However, as often happens with classic Fox titles, all mention of this title was soon dropped and nothing else has been said.

Fox really needs to get their act together in terms of marketing their classic movie and TV titles. Hopefully this Noir line is a move in the right direction. My hope is that they choose titles that are appropriate and don't dilute it by including bizarre titles like they did with the Studio Classics series.

uhftv 03-20-05 09:31 PM

I remember hearing about this being released under the Noir banner and then was taken off the list. There was already cover art posted as I recall. Then there was a rumor this would be released under a banner of Fox Horror titles since this shouldn't be considered Noir. No other titles were mentioned for that either, so it's still considered post-poned indefinitely.

davejt1 03-22-05 01:09 PM

Thanks PD and uhftv - I appreciate the help.

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