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highdef 02-26-05 05:19 AM

Song of the South is coming in '06!
I was shocked to stumble upon this article stating that SONG OF THE SOUTH, Disney's most sought after title (in my book anyway), will finally be released on DVD in 2006. Where is "this" article, well I've enclosed the link. I really hope that it's true.

Shannon Nutt 02-26-05 07:03 AM

Buena Vista Home Entertainment is also supoosedly toying with approaching a prominent African-American performer to serve as the MC on the DVD version of "Song of the South." You know, someone who could then introduce the film, explain its historical significance as well as re-enforcing the idea that "SOTS" was a product of a much less enlightened time in Hollywood's history.

Sidney Poitier or Morgan Freeman.

Michael Corvin 02-26-05 07:30 AM

Originally Posted by Shannon Nutt

Sidney Poitier or Morgan Freeman.

Great suggestions but we will probably end up with Will Smith or Halle Berry.

marty888 02-26-05 07:33 AM

Let's hope ... at last!

TomOpus 02-26-05 08:00 AM

Already being discussed HERE

Cameron 02-26-05 08:00 AM

a few days late....three threads have reported this on 2.22.05...search is still a friend

Don't hold your breath but there are signs that Song of the South may happen

New Song of the South info and articles

Song of the South anytime ever?

Dead 02-26-05 09:37 AM

Originally Posted by Cameron

Given that there are already several threads on this topic, I'm closing this one.

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