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Cameron 01-07-05 11:56 PM

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! news? and sightings
New merch is popping up at retail stores. Lunchboxes and T-shirts to be exact...Wonder if this will lead to a 2005 dvd release.

The Death of Russ Meyer has brought up a lot of questions about this film...i did not see any info like this. Hope it happens...hope its treated well.

Anyone have the laserdisc? Any extras at all?

naitram 01-08-05 02:39 AM

Ya the laserdisc has a great commentary by Meyer on it.

I was just watching this with a friend last week who had never seen it, and flipping back and forth between the movie and Russ Meyers' commentary is great, cause you'll just come into the middle of some dirty story that he's telling, and it's hilarious. :)

Cameron 01-08-05 08:42 AM

sounds fun...might have to seek out the LD on this

fliggil 01-08-05 09:13 AM

Funny that this topic comes up, I just stated my spring semester classes, and for a film class this semester, I'm taking a course on Trash Cinema, for our first screening we watched Bad Girls Go To Hell (Dorish Wishman) and a few weeks down the road we're gonna watch Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. Really cool stuff to study. It seems most videos we're watching are put out by Something Weird Video (on VHS), so it'd be cool to see some of them making their way to DVD now.

Buford T Pusser 01-08-05 02:12 PM

I have all of the Russ Meyer stuff on VHS, but not DVD. I was bummed that he put some of them out on DVD without the LD commentaries.

I figured his plan was to sell all he could for a few years, then bring them out again with extras so I didn't buy them.

Now that he's dead I wonder what the estate will do. Who is the estate? He didn't have any close relatives. His website makes NO mention of his death and it has been updated since he died.

Buford T Pusser 01-08-05 02:17 PM

Here is what his website currently has available:

1 Beneath The Valley of the Ultravixens

2 Supervixens

3 Vixen

4 Lorna

5 Mudhoney

6 Pandora Peaks

7 Cherry Harry & Raquel

8 Mondo Topless

9 UP!

cultshock 01-08-05 08:23 PM

There's a FASTER PUSSYCAT DVD out in Japan now. I debated on picking it up, but I'm not sure how good the transfer looks. Anyone have any idea? I love this film.

Cameron 01-09-05 02:33 AM

40 bucks a shot and no extras....suck.....

I wonder if anyone has even tried to liscence this out recently

Buford T Pusser 04-02-05 09:20 PM

CDWow has his stuff in Region 2 and these have different covers than what came out in the last few years. Even better there are extras!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow this link and everything is automatically $2 off and only $15.95 per disc w/free shipping from Europe to the US (or anywhere).


The search:


yields this:

DVD Region 2 Russ Meyer's Faster Pussycat... Kill! Kill! $15.95
DVD Region 2 Russ Meyer's Supervixens $15.95
DVD Region 2 Russ Meyer's Vixen $15.95
DVD Region 2 Russ Meyer's Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens $15.95
DVD Region 2 Russ Meyer's Up! $15.95
DVD Region 2 Russ Meyer's Mondo Topless $15.95

Maybe some more will be out soon.

Buford T Pusser 04-02-05 10:01 PM

Since these are Region 2 I started a thread in the International DVD Talk Forum with much more info including what else is coming out in the next few months and a few reviews. Didn't want to tease those Russ Meyer fans that are afraid to go all region.


Darryl 04-02-05 11:50 PM

Just picked up the first 6 disc set of the RM UK imports...great extras!!!
Bring on the next 12!

lewisb73 05-18-05 04:00 PM

Just recieved an email stating Faster Pussycat Kill Kill WAS now available from Russ Meyer's website... along with Motorpsycho... each 39.99 (yuck)... but order both and you get I believe it was a free FPKK Tshirt and a poster... but shipping is still 10 I think

Will wait until DDD gets them (like I did with Mudhoney and Vixen)

Buford T Pusser 05-18-05 06:16 PM

I don't see those at DDD but they do have Pandora Peaks.

Your best value is to get the Region 2 discs with extra bits, such as commentary. MUCH cheaper.


The Bus 05-18-05 06:26 PM

You'd think Ebert could do a commentary.

Buford T Pusser 05-18-05 06:30 PM

At least a commentary on Beyond the Valley of the Dolls if it's ever released in the US.

Cameron 05-18-05 06:55 PM

great news....what is on the region 1 disc i wonder...same stuff or bare bones

Cameron 05-20-05 12:42 AM



Black & White/83 Minutes
FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL! KILL! is the story of a new breed of SUPERWOMEN emerging out of the ruthlessness of our times. We are introduced to three BUXOM Go-Go girls: VARLA, ROSIE, and BILLIE, wildly dancing the Watusi before the leers, jeers and lecherous come-ons of their drooling all-male audience. The violence, implicit in the girls' tease, is quickly moved out of the microcosmic bar into the outside world as they literally let go of themselves, embarking on a wild, violent, deadly journey of vengeance on all men. VARLA, the outrageously abundant KARATE MASTER leader of the pack, breaks the arms and back of one man, runs her Porsche over two others, grinds a fourth, a muscleman, against a wall and, eventually, deliberately goes down the path of her own self-destruction, dragging her two BUXOTIC cohorts along with her.

Black & White
Three motorcycle-riding hoodlums led by an ex-Viet Nam medically discharged veteran BRAHMIN brutally beat an unsuspecting fisherman before the eyes of his voluptuous wife and proceeds to physically assault her.

Their voracious appetites for criminal violence still unsatisfied, they proceed to terrorize GAIL MADDOX wife of CORY MADDOX a young veterinarian. MADDOX forcefully interrupts the harassment of his wife. Revenge is in order and BRAHMIN, DANTE and SLICK criminally assault GAIL. MADDOX is absent administering to a mare belonging to the wealthy / stunningly / frustrated sex-machine, JESSICA FANNIN. She comes very close to swaying MADDOX' affections.

CORY discovers his wife GAIL brutally beaten and criminally assaulted when he returns home. With the indifferent attitude of the local sheriff, CORY takes the law into his own hands. This results in a dangerous desert chase involving a lusty Cajun girl named RUBY BONNER and her murdered husband HARRY BONNER, incidentally, by the same three hoodlums.

Together, CORY and RUBY stalk the killers. Excitement runs rampant with BRAHMIN murdering SLICK, his buddy, in cold blood; CORY experiencing a deadly snake bite with RUBY withdrawing the venom from his leg with her mouth, saving his life. She further defends CORY'S helplessness by permitting DANTE to crudely make love to her, and at the same time placing a hunting knife between his shoulder blades! Thus DANTE meets his end.

CORY foolishly follows BRAHMIN. RUBY is critically wounded by BRAHMIN's rifle. The desert-crazed BRAHMIN believes that he is back in Viet Nam fighting Commies. RUBY and CORY with only the meager protection of a shallow mine trench, manage to kill the insane BRAHMIN at the critical moment with the aid of a crudely fashioned hand grenade. (Materials, of course, conveniently attainable from the mine immediate.)

billy9215 05-20-05 08:02 AM

Can someone tell me who is pictured in #10?



Buford T Pusser 05-20-05 09:14 AM

I see his book is now $129 from $349! I may get the thing. A few have shown up on eBay in the last few months and they usuallly went around $125-150.

Buford T Pusser 05-20-05 09:15 AM

Apparently these two new flicks don't have all the extras of the R2 releases and are triple the price. -ohbfrank-

Glad I bought the R2 action.

obscurelabel 05-20-05 11:27 AM

Originally Posted by billy9215
Can someone tell me who is pictured in #10?



Not 100% sure, but I think it is Tundi Horvath. Not sure if she appeared in any RM films but he did lots of stills of her. I won't link to any pictures since this isn't Mature but you should be able to find some on Google; you can decide if it's the same model.

Buford T Pusser 05-20-05 02:38 PM

I can't remember who she is but I don't think she was in any of his flicks.

Cameron 05-20-05 06:47 PM

i do think it is crappy that they aren't even putting on the laserdisc commentary...16 bucks for region 2 seems the better deal....i would love to see a review of the R1 though if someone picks it up

Buford T Pusser 05-20-05 08:10 PM

Their plan is probably to release everything barebones and then in 5 or 10 years release them with extras. Gotta get you buying over and over at their big bucks price.

I wonder who is getting the money since Russ is dead and he had no relatives. (except an illegitimate son which is sometimes acknowledged, sometimes denied)

Cameron 07-04-05 09:55 PM

i keep reading that the R2 is region free....is there any truth to that (paging Buford)

Just wondering what region and are they NTSC or Pal.

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