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LorenzoL 01-07-05 12:16 PM

The Mole - Season 1
TVshowsondvd.com is reporting that the first season will be out on March 8th.

This was a great show that was cancelled too early and created a celebrity version that was far inferior than the original.

Article link

bralph 01-07-05 12:33 PM

Hmm, loved the show, but not sure I need it on DVD. The first season was definitely great. I had no idea who the Mole was until the reveal.

Kuma-kun 01-07-05 07:34 PM

Woohoo! I love this show, but always regretted missing all but the last episode of the first season. Good news for me!

Mezzanine 01-07-05 08:41 PM

Great news! The Mole was my favorite reality show, so this is a definite buy for me. Plus it's only going to be $20...great deal. :)

Static Cling 01-07-05 11:42 PM

I'll get it to watch Anderson Cooper harrass the contestants. Best frickin' reality TV show host ever.

Uh, he is the host of Season 1, right? I know he did S2, and I thought he was excellent.

Fandango 01-08-05 12:04 AM

Yes, he hosted season 1 as well. Maybe if this sells well they will do a season 3 but I don't know if they could get Anderson to host it again.

shawagg 01-08-05 03:06 AM

I don't care if they get him or not, I just want another season of this! I remember watching the "celeb" version and last year on the final ep they had pictures and stuff of all the season for a game... for a moment I got excited, thinking they were reminding us of the old seasons for a reason. Like after the end, they'd say come back in 6 months for Mole OG S3.

l_xtopher_l 01-08-05 03:14 AM

Like others seem to be, I'm very excited about this news. I loved the Mole more than any other reality show just because it was much smarter than the rest out there which are pretty much sex, backstabbing, and people hoping to launch themselves into acting careers. Loved Anderson too, and was really let down by the decision to not do a 3rd season and the less-than-equal celeb editions of the game.

At $20, I'm hoping enough fans buy the DVD that it will make ABC look into the fact that fans exist, and a 3rd season would be profitable for them to do. I can't wait, it's a must buy for me.

Jonathan Little 01-08-05 08:45 PM

Awesome. For $20 this is a no brainer... It was hilarious (thanks to Anderson Cooper) and probably is my favorite "reality" show.

Fok 01-09-05 01:45 AM

The celebrity version was pretty shit, very disapointing for a show that had a lot of potential.

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