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Chris777 12-28-04 09:52 PM

Was there some kind of recall on the Die Hard Trilogy?
please help would be appreciated Thanks in advance

the picture quality on these movies especially Die Hard: With a Vengeance really sucks was their something i missed because i just recently got this for christmas, on information regarding recall information would be greatly appreciated.

SuburbanCowboy 12-28-04 09:58 PM

Maybe you got a pirated/bootleg/Asian copy...

My Die Hard Trilogy looks great.

Chris777 12-28-04 10:00 PM

ummm... no

i got it from bestbuy

SFranke 12-28-04 10:05 PM

BenitoJuarez is correct. Die Hard with a Vengeance really suffers from too much edge enhancement. The other transfers are satisfactory.

There has been no recall of any kind to correct the problem.

Jackskeleton 12-28-04 11:14 PM

no recall. I would know about it.

Cameron 12-29-04 07:26 PM

nope...what exactly is the problem with the picture....what kind of connections and tv are you using

tek2k 12-29-04 07:29 PM

why would the pq sucking mean there would be a recall?

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