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Old 12-27-04, 11:25 PM   #1
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Alexandria, VA
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do people think you have too many DVDs?

to pair with the 'what was your christmas haul' threads, how many people got ZERO because everyone decided you had too many dvds?

and if you've encountered this problem, did you find any way to convince people otherwise?
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Old 12-27-04, 11:38 PM   #2
DVD Talk Ultimate Edition
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people pass on buying me dvds 'cause they know I'm the dvd/film king. buying the wrong title would be an insult....which would call for a brutal thrashing. a lifetime subscription to my doghouse. in other words...they know better.

really, I don't ask for any nor want any. I got it covered.
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Old 12-27-04, 11:39 PM   #3
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 1,495
Well as of Christmas,I had 712 DVDs,now I have 829 DVDs. Does that tell you how great/big of a family I have?
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Old 12-27-04, 11:54 PM   #4
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 159
I think that I myself have too many dvd's. The funny thing is I only have somewhere around 150 (growing just about every Tuesday). The reason I think I have too many is because I rarely get around to watching a dvd every single week. Even with my 150 or so dvd's, I probably wouldn't even watch them all within the next year. I try to keep my collection as small as possible, only keeping those that I will watch over and over again (if that makes any sense, what-so-ever, in conjuction with my last sentence...). Of course there are those blind buys I come accross that I have and didn't care for, but there's plenty of places where I can unload those. I counted only 13 dvd's in my collection that I have that I could get rid of without a second thought. Back on track now...I like to saying my dvd collection is a hobby. Besides the bills I pay, I have no desire to spend my money on anything else than a good movie to keep me entertained.
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Old 12-28-04, 12:04 AM   #5
DVD Talk Hero
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Kansas City, MO
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If people think I have too many DVDs, they don't know me very well

I didn't get any DVDs this year because, like gut, I'm very tough to get for. My best friend has been the only person that's attempted it and succeded. He's very observant and knows what I like, what's on my radar and, most importantly, what I don't have.
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Old 12-28-04, 12:29 AM   #6
DVD Talk Legend
asianxcore's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Bay Area, California
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Yup. The people who have seen my collection do think I have too many. But it pales in comparison to the collections I've seen of other members of this site.

The only person I let buy me DVDs is my girlfriend because she knows what I have, don't have, what I like/dislike or what I plan on getting.
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Old 12-28-04, 12:32 AM   #7
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Jan 2003
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Yes I get told constantly that I am obcessed with DVDs. Everyone has their vices (cars, collecting, cooking, etc.), and DVDs happen to be mine. Well that, my HT, my MINI, PCs...
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Old 12-28-04, 12:45 AM   #8
Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 96
All the time. I really dont have that much (only 200) but when my friends come over their all amazed since Im jus in high school and all
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Old 12-28-04, 12:45 AM   #9
DVD Talk Legend
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to many is when i can't eat anymore
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Old 12-28-04, 01:18 AM   #10
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I just love that the "WE BUY USED/NEW DVDS" ad came up for this thread.
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Old 12-28-04, 01:33 AM   #11
Join Date: Mar 2004
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Originally Posted by TNAJason
Well as of Christmas,I had 712 DVDs,now I have 829 DVDs. Does that tell you how great/big of a family I have?
Judging by that big of a jump, can we assume you count each and every one of your discs. That is each box set or multi-disc set gets counted by how many discs are in them?

I mean going from 712 to 829 is an increase of 117. I seriously doubt that anyone, including the off-spring of Bill Gates himself would get over a 100 DVDs for Christmas.

That said I have recently broke the 350 title mark and the only people who think I have too many is my father who ends up paying for most of them. But he gets some enjoyment out of my collection from time to time. What's funny is that whenever he sees a commercial for a DVD of a movie he may be interested in watching, he'll ask me, "Do you have title on DVD?" The ironic thing is that most of time, I don't. Yet, when he decides to order a PPV movie off DISH, I actually have that one!

The other person that sort of thinks I have too much is my 28 year-old cousin. But he doesn't have hardly any of his own, so when he came over for Christmas doings, and saw my new shelf system, he made a comment on how much money I've got tied up in my collection. But I'm like "so what...". He spends more money on cigarettes than I do on DVDs.

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Old 12-28-04, 01:42 AM   #12
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Seattle
Posts: 1,340
Man alive. I did my own buying for Christmas. My mom "bought" me the Herzog/Kinski box as well as the Chaplin Collection v1 and a bunch of singles. Also she happened to know how to get Seinfeld for $17.99 and the Nirvana box for $27. I wonder how? My girlfriend and mother actually both are amazing buyers, and get me stuff I wouldn't even think of getting (and they manage to get some decent deals without my help too...).

Back on point though, everyone is disgusted by what I've got. When people come over to my apt (a.k.a. once I've screened them to determine they aren't the kind of scum to steal my shit) they generally say something along the lines of "holy shit" and whenever DVDs or movies come up my family or my girlfriend's family say "oh haha I bet he has it" and I just sit there feeling silly since they make my passion sound so trivial. Meh.
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Old 12-28-04, 02:10 AM   #13
DVD Talk Special Edition
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I have only had people on other dvd forums tell me that.
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Old 12-28-04, 02:17 AM   #14
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
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One relative could not understand how I could watch 2 SharperImage PowerTowers full of DVDs. Thank godness she nad her husband just give giftcards anyway. My dad loves our family collection, my mom doesn't comment on it
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Old 12-28-04, 02:24 AM   #15
DVD Talk Legend
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Location: Cincinnati, OH
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Yes they do but they're also the same ones who ask if they can borrow some DVDs. Darn hypocrites.
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Old 12-28-04, 02:28 AM   #16
DVD Talk Special Edition
dollfins1's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: NJ
Posts: 1,308
YES! in the last 18 months since i got involved with collecting i have amassed over 1300 dvds. when i tell people how many i have they usually say, "how many?" and then i get a blank stare or a shake of the head as if i said i had 12 fingers or something. my girlfriend says "dvds" thats all you talk about. she just doesn't understand. i have stopped telling her when i get a "good deal" now. but the way i figure, i'm proud of my collection dammit, other people can talk about their hobbies and not get so much flak. plus i never have to "wait" to see my favorite movies or tv shows because i already own them.


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Old 12-28-04, 07:55 AM   #17
DVD Talk Legend
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I'm sorry ... I don't understand the question ... what is the meaning of the phrase "too many DVDs" ....


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Old 12-28-04, 07:55 AM   #18
Senior Member
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I got 'none' for xmas.... mainly because people know better. They'd have no idea what I'd want or already have, etc.... it's all about the giftcard
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Old 12-28-04, 08:02 AM   #19
DVD Talk Legend
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Well, my wife says we have too many dvds, and I would say I have less than the average person here; sightly over 200. That being said, she knows how much I enjoy getting and watching them, so she doesnt care much. The only time we get in arguments about it is when I need some new clothes or something, and I buy dvds instead.

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Old 12-28-04, 08:09 AM   #20
DVD Talk Reviewer
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I've got near the 550 range I think, and I dunno, for most people that's a lot of DVD's (except compared to many of you, of course). They think I waste my money and whatnot, but whatever... they're always coming to me first thing when they want to borrow a movie to watch. The irony eh?

"Oh come on man, you've got the thing, why don't you just let me borrow it?"

And I won't let them! Unless it's my fiance, my DVD's are MY DVD's. I've had to replace too many DVD's in the past because all of my friends say the same thing:

"Come on man, it's me! You know I'll take care of it!"

But of course, you come to find that everybody takes care of everything differently. Just because they assure you they would treat your DVD's as if it were their own, doesn't mean it will be handled properly. Too many people I know, handle their DVD's with their fingers on the data side of the discs, and set the DVD any which way they want on the tray, then slide it in place as it should be... causing scratches on the under side of the disc. Then of course, there's the problems of:

"Well that's how I always treat my DVD's, and they've got little scratches, but they still play just fine!"

Well that's great, but I'm a perfectionist with my DVD's and can't STAND scratches of any shape or form. Do I have too many DVD's? Yes I suppose. I can't keep up with the TV series and movies I buy every week, I'll never finish watching them all! And do people think I have too many DVD's? Yes. But they love to look at my collection and can't help but think 'Gee, what will I borrow from this guy tonight?' But, thankfully, I don't become their DVD bitch and I've got all my friends trained to know that I don't lend them out. So I don't get any of those 'friends' that come around just to borrow any DVD movie they want.

And 550-ish just for my collection... my fiance has to have around 100 or so, and it would be quite astonishing (for me at least) when we move in together and put our collections together.
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Old 12-28-04, 08:11 AM   #21
DVD Talk Legend
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I'm at about 420 on DVDAF, and I know I could stand to thin the herd ( I tried last weekend and came up with 4 titles I could lose ) , yet my wishlist is a couple hundred strong too.
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Old 12-28-04, 08:52 AM   #22
DVD Talk Gold Edition
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Yes, but what are you going to do?
About 70% of my collection is not in syndication or is never shown on TV via a movie station. So its pretty important to me to own certain older films just for that fact. Newer like Spidey 2 or Bourne supremacy, I own, since they are my new favs; I only collect new films, if I enjoy them, obviously, but if there's something special beyond "there is a good movie" idea.

But I am running out of room...
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Old 12-28-04, 09:01 AM   #23
DVD Talk Special Edition
cdoug57's Avatar
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I am approaching 200 according to DVDAF and I do not speak about new purchases to my wife. I just buy them and bring them home. I am finding good bargains online and my wife nearly cringes when she sees a brown box in the mail.

My father-in-law believes that the increased clarity of the image is not worth the expense of the disc. He just doesn't understand and I won't argue with him. My sone enjoys all the various movies and tv shows I have. His collection is near 40.

Luckily, this is my main hobby and my wife just looks the other way and is grateful I'm not doing something more expensive.

I don't think I have to many, just other people do. Oh well.
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Old 12-28-04, 09:24 AM   #24
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i too am in the same boat as most of you, although my collection is just now hitting the 200 mark. everyone that comes in and sees the collection or ask how many i have think i am crazy but they have over 1000's of cds. its a hobby pretty much for me since theres nothing out there that i care for but i love movies and watch them all the time, its like collecting baseball cards i think, and theres nothing like finding a "great buy" or oop copy at a pawnshop or elsewhere. my wife refused to buy me dvds or a dvd for christmas because she said i buy them everyweek and that i wouldnt be surprised or exctied about a dvd for christmas (yeh right). fortunatly for me i recieved a lot of gift cards and my dad is smart enough to always ask me what i want, therefore recieved seinfeld seasons 1-3 gift set from him.
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Old 12-28-04, 09:28 AM   #25
DVD Talk Ultimate Edition
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as far as my freinds/family is concerned, they have no idea how many DVDs I have. I don't want them to know because I don't want to become their personal Blockbuster. I hate to loan out because people don't take care of stuff that isn't theirs. so in that sense, they don't think I have too many.
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