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Neuman 10-21-04 09:12 PM

Do the majority of you have over 300 DVDs?
When my friends come over and see my DVD collection, the usual response is "Holy shit, you've got a lot of DVDs!". Now, I have roughly 135 DVDs, which I guess seems like a lot to my friends who are in college, but when I come here, I feel like everyone has at least 300 DVDs. I realize that it's quality over quantity, but do the majority of the people here have 300 DVDs or more?

Maybe it just seems that way because the people who are always linking to their DVD lists, or have them on their signatures, have something to brag about, so they do. Maybe it seems like the people here who have more modest collections don't post about them a lot, so it just seems like EVERYONE here has a huge collection. What do you guys think?

TomOpus 10-21-04 09:24 PM

Maybe it was last year, but someone ran a poll and it seemed like the majority of the people that participated had more than 300 DVDs.

And it's been pointed out before that some of us who post links to our collections aren't bragging. If someone has some similar interests, I like to be able to check out what they have because I might see something interesting enough to pick up.

Neuman 10-21-04 09:27 PM

Well I know most of you aren't bragging, but a person with a collection of 500 is probably more likely the post a link to their collection more often then a person who has 50 dvds.

Daniel L 10-21-04 09:27 PM

What's wrong with bragging a little?

calhoun07 10-21-04 09:31 PM

I am not sure of the exact number, but I am estimating around a 1000 or so. I lost the energy to count my collection long ago. Just like my CD collection. I just can't keep up and don't care about exact numbers.

MJG87 10-21-04 09:34 PM

Got rid of a lot of mine along the way, used to be in a craze for moment and didn't think twice about blind-buying. But after weeding out a bit I own about 250 or so at the moment.

Mike Lowrey 10-21-04 09:48 PM

I started collecting DVDs in 12/01. I recently broke the 300 mark a couple months ago. And a good portion of my collection is TV on DVD. So if you actually count the number of discs in my collection, it'd be well over 500.

BTW, that brings up an interesting question. When DVD counting began, as such, TV on DVD wasn't really a factor. So should we as a DVD community change the way we count TV sets? Since most TV discs contain anywhere from 3-5 episodes per disc, which incorporates about the same run time as a 3-hour movie (4x45 min = 180min), shouldn't we count each disc in a set as 1 DVD? Or in other words, for about every 3 hours of running time, give or take, we should count that as 1 DVD.

Take for instance the Stargate, Star Trek sets...4-episodes per disc, Star Trek usually runs about ~46 minutes with credits, and Stargate runs about ~44 minutes with credits. There's no reason we should count a set of DVDs that runs say 900-1000 minutes as 1 DVD.

Another example of this is the separate volumes that ADV Films are infamous for releasing. Such as Andromeda and Farscape. If you buy the single volumes, each of those count as 1 title, which will make 5 titles for a single season, but if you buy the season sets, that just count as 1 title. I have the first 3 seasons of Andromeda in separate volumes, that's 15 titles. But if I were to buy the season sets, that would only be 3 titles. So you see, that by changing the way we count TV sets should, if anything, be more accurate in representing the number of DVDs we actually have.

Now, I'm not saying that we should count "extras" discs as DVDs, because they aren't the "feature". Even though a lot of these extras have their own entry in the IMDb, that really doesn't matter because as we know, the main issue here is the main feature to be used in the count.

But anyway, welcome to the forum, Neuman...you're welcome to check out my collection via my link as you'll see exactly what I'm talking about in my suggestion above.

Hey, but you know, even though I have over 325 by the traditional counting method, if you looked at my collection on the shelves, it really doesn't look like all that much. I'm currently just about out of room on my shelves, so trying to find space for any new purchases is very difficult. I'm having to constantly rearrange stuff to find places for new ones to fit.

marty888 10-21-04 09:49 PM

I'm doing my share to keep the DVD Talk "average number of DVDs" up.


snorlaxnut 10-21-04 09:49 PM

I don't, but I think I might reach 100 DVDs before the end of the year.

Artman 10-21-04 09:54 PM

I just passed 300 this wk - according to DVDaf which counts a little differently than I do, but it's getting close...

Kerborus 10-21-04 10:02 PM

Approaching 1000 and my wife is very unhappy.

astrochimp 10-21-04 10:07 PM

I have about 60 :)

Tony Dvdfan 10-21-04 10:08 PM

Went over 1000 recently, and my wall cabinet is beyond full. I definately dont buy dvds like i used to, but probably still buy too many.

I've been considering purging a big chunk of my collection recently, there are plenty of titles i either dont want to watch again or i just don't know why i bought them in the first place.

darkside 10-21-04 10:08 PM

I was over 300 in my first year of collecting, but the was the golden era of free and almost free DVDs online. I'm over 800 now.

I don't really think about the total number of them anymore. For one, many of them are my kids DVDs or my spouses. I'm really happy with my personal collection though. Its not the total number as much as the total percentage of films and shows I love that I now own.

Slowpc 10-21-04 10:08 PM

Only about 240 ... wait 245 .... 250 ....

I got to stop buying dvds at work...

thegame370 10-21-04 10:09 PM

I need 2 more to reach 400!

AnonomusBob15 10-21-04 10:11 PM

I have recently passed 300, which is not counting the 100-150 titles I sold off to trim the collection.

I stopped buying fluff, and focused more on titles that I would watch again rather owning 400+ for the sake of showing, even if I would have never watched some of the titles again.

DrGerbil 10-21-04 10:25 PM

I remember running into someone with around 3,000 DVDs. Not only was I impressed, I found many films that looked interesting and added them to my wish list. :)

Michael Corvin 10-21-04 10:30 PM


LasVegasMichael 10-21-04 10:30 PM

Holding steady at about 475. It looks a lot bigger in person then it is, as over a quarter of them are TV box sets, so they take up more space.

I had a very large VHS collection, so the transition to DVD was a natural one. With the explosion of TV on DVD, though, my collection has grown, somewhat exponentially in the last year, so this is more of a recent phenomenon for me.

I don't think I'll ever have a gonzo collection (in the thousands) but you never know. It is my hobby, and I enjoy it. The wife doesn't give me any grief (and enjoys watching them anyway, but not anywhere to the extent of me, of course), and the kids seem to enjoy them (especially Disney), so it all works out.

speedyray 10-21-04 10:40 PM

Well, DVDAF says I have 743 titles. I have been trimming and trading like mad. Hell, I have over 20 on my disc to trade in this week. I am not sure why I have them all. They give me satisfaction in that I can grab the movie I want whenever I get the urge. I have been pruning them by getting rid of movies I doubt I will ever watch again. I used to collect what others touht were good for collections (criterion) now i collect what I like to rwatch. Chldish toilet humor and mindless action. They make me happy. When the next gen comes around next Christmas or so, I will be sick as I will probably be compelled to rebuy many of them.

eisenreich 10-21-04 10:40 PM

I'm hoping to hit the 100 mark before next week. Going home for the weekend and there is a nice mom & pop store that sells dvds for very good prices.

I know how you feel Neuman. Whenever I go into the "Post pics of your HT setup" my jaw hits the floor.

bis22 10-21-04 10:44 PM

173 for me. Guess I got some catching up to do. :)

GregS 10-21-04 10:48 PM

174 titles so says DvDAf. being young and having next to no expensives helps spend moeny stupidly

PopcornTreeCt 10-21-04 10:48 PM

I have over 600 right now. I just like owning movies. My tastes have certainly changed over the years. I've enjoyed so many films lately that years ago I would never of even thought picking it up. (Salo, This is Spinal Tap) Though maybe I'd still not like Salo if I saw it now. I've been collecting since 1999 so its a little more than 100 a year which isn't that much.

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