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Chad 10-18-04 05:50 PM

What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (10/18 - 10/24)

<font color="black">This Thread Spans The Entire Week</font color="black">

<font color="orange">Post At Your Own Pace</font color="orange">

Want to post everyday? Do it.
Want to post every other day? Do it.
Want to wait until the end of the week? Do it.
Want to plan your week in advance? Do it.
Want to be spontaneous? Do it.
Want to rate what you watch? Do it.
What to make fun of other people's viewing habits? Don't do it.

<font color="orange">Feel Free To Include Movies From Television & The Cinema</font color="orange">



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Chad 10-18-04 05:50 PM

The October Horrorthon continues.

Some of this week's queue:

A few Carpenter films
Something from the new Monster Legacy collections
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural
Candyman: SE
The Howling: SE
Terror Train
Return of the Living Dead 2
The Beyond

<font color="orange">Monday</font color="teal">
The Oblong Box - (1969)
Scream and Scream Again - (1969)

<font color="orange">Tuesday</font color="teal">
John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness - (1987)
House On Haunted Hill - (1999)

<font color="orange">Wednesday</font color="teal">
Opera - (1987)
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural - (1973)
Mystery of the Wax Museum - (1933)

<font color="orange">Thursday</font color="teal">
House of Wax - (1954)
House On Haunted Hill - (1959)

<font color="orange">Friday</font color="teal">
Ed Wood - (1994)
Transylvania 6-5000 - (1985)

<font color="orange">Saturday</font color="teal">
Return of the Living Dead 2 - (1988)
Lifeforce - (1985)
Silent Night, Bloody Night - (1973)

<font color="orange">Sunday</font color="teal">
The Raven - (1934)
I, Madman - (1989)
The Blob - (1988)

Skull 10-18-04 07:37 PM

The Thing commentary, L'Avventura commentary, Van Helsing, Dawn of the Dead '04, Mummy Legacy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Invisible Man.

asianxcore 10-18-04 08:01 PM

The Guyver 2: Dark Hero
Last Samurai
Vampire Hunter D

and maybe some other stuff if I have time.

NavinJohnson 10-18-04 08:41 PM

Monday - Friday
Finished A&E's World at War box; episodes 19 thru the bonus docus. Monumental series; I'd seen maybe half of the regular episodes before, but not in order. Fairly depressing; had to watch something lighter next.
Shark Tale - I liked it; not great, but not bad.
Saturday & Sunday
Futurama Volume 1 - without & w/commentary :D
Seven Up!
7 Plus Seven

Kab730 10-18-04 08:55 PM

ALCS Game 5

Damage 10-18-04 09:59 PM

<LI>Megadeth - Behind the Music</LI>

<LI>Corner Gas: Season One - Ruby Reborn</LI>
<LI>Corner Gas - Smell of Freedom (on TV)</LI>
<LI>Countess Dracula</LI>

<LI>Corner Gas: Season One - Tax Man</LI>
<LI>Corner Gas: Season One - Pilates Twist</LI>

<LI>The Vampire Lovers</LI>

<LI>Freaky Friday</LI>
<LI>Kill Bill Volume 2</LI>

<LI>Kill Bill Volume 2 extras</LI>
<LI>Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Mexico City</LI>
<LI>Corner Gas: Season One - Oh Baby</LI>
<LI>Corner Gas: Season One - Grad '68</LI>
<LI>Corner Gas: Season One - World's Biggest Thing</LI>
<LI>Corner Gas: Season One - All My Ex's</LI>

<LI>Horror Express</LI>

InnocentBlood 10-19-04 03:36 AM


ER Season 1 Disc 3 Side A : Made Of Two Hearts
ER Season 1 Disc 3 Side A : The Birthday Party :thumbsup:



ER Season 1 Disc 3 Side A : Sleepless In Chicago :thumbsup:
ER Season 1 Disc 3 Side A : Love's Labor Lost :thumbsup:

ER Season 1 Disc 3 Side B :Full Moon, Saturday Night
ER Season 1 Disc 3 Side B :House Of Cards
ER Season 1 Disc 3 Side B :Men Plan, Gods Laugh
ER Season 1 Disc 3 Side B :Love Among The Ruins

Six Feet Under Season 1 Disc 3 : The New Person
CSI Season 2 Disc 5 : Felonious Monk
CSI Season 2 Disc 5 : Chasing the Bus
CSI Season 2 Disc 5 : Stalker
CSI Season 2 Disc 5 : Cats in the Cradle

Geofferson 10-19-04 08:19 AM

Family Guy (S1 ep. 21)
Las Vegas (NBC HD)
CSI: Miami (CBS HD)
Baseball: Yankees/Red Sox

Waking the Dead (w/ Keith Gordon commentary)
Family Guy (S1 ep. 22)
Baseball Yankees/Red Sox (FOX HD)

Baseball Yankees/Red Sox (FOX HD)

Arrested Development (ep. 1,2)
Joey (NBC HD)
Lost ( ABC HD)

The Grudge (theater)

28 Days Later
Desperate Housewives (ABC HD)

Teknomaagi 10-19-04 09:16 AM

- Armored Car Robbery (TV) decent Film Noir ***

- Foreign Correspondent **
- Suspicion ***

- Stage Fright ***

- Hiroshima mon amour ****
- I Confess *** mainly for Monty Clift being so good
- Strangers On A Train (the preview version) ***** Classic!
- Dial 'M' for Murder ****


tofu 10-19-04 10:25 AM

Monday - Ghost in the Shell - SAC V1
Tuesday - Allen Iverson, The Answer
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday - Roswell Season 1
Weekend - Shaun of the dead?

Pressplay 10-19-04 12:52 PM

This week-end, I'll watch Dawn of the Dead, and probably a few of the Scorsese titles from the box-set.

Chad 10-19-04 08:54 PM


Deckard-10 10-19-04 09:16 PM

<li>Van Helsing

<li>Enterprise - S4.079 - Home

<li>The Haunted Mansion

<li>Dr. Dolittle 2

DieBarneyDieNY 10-19-04 11:19 PM

24 Season 2 Disc 1
24 Season 2 Disc 2
1. 12PM-1PM
2. 1PM-2PM

24 Season 2 Disc 2
3. 2PM-3PM
4. 3PM-4PM
24 Season 2 Disc 3

24 Season 2 Disc 4
1. 8PM-9PM
2. 9PM-10PM
The Day After Tomorrow
24 Season 2 Disc 4
3. 10PM-11PM
4. 11PM-12AM

24 Season 2 Disc 5
24 Season 2 Disc 6

Ghost Ship
Psycho-Original Hitchcock Version

Friday- Nothing

The Passion Of The Christ

William Fuld 10-20-04 01:03 PM

American Eunuchs
With God on Our Side:George Bush and the Rise of the Religious Right in America
Delusions in Modern Primitivism
The Gift (2003)

JOE29 10-21-04 02:49 AM

Monday- My Cousin Vinny, A couple episodes of Happy Days. Tuesday- The Day After Tomorrow Wednesday- nothing ( no time-work )

sataniko 10-21-04 09:47 AM

Monday: Battle Queen 2020
Tuesday: Pantaleon y las Visitadoras
Wednesday: Female Vampire
Thursday: Flavia the Heretic
Friday: Beyond the Darkness

freudguy 10-21-04 01:57 PM

Monday - The Crazies (had never seen it before, didn't like it)
Tuesday - Something Wicked This Way Comes - one of my favorites this time of year
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - Bruiser (to conclude my Romero "festival", haven't seen it before) or Saw (having a friend who owns a small theater is nice)
Friday - Either Suspiria or one of the Monster Legacy flicks - depends on wife (she doesn't like gore and it's her Friday night to choose)
Saturday - nada, going to a nearby pre-Halloween costume street party
Sunday - Ghosts of Edendale

ScottyWH 10-21-04 02:59 PM

so far this week:

The Big Empty (2003 - Favreau)
The Girl Next Door (2004 - Unrated)
1/2 of Dracula Rising (pure poop) ... I'll finish it eventually (hopefully before the end of the BBV $8 trade in deal :)

and I'll probably get to Man on Fire (2004 - Denzel Washington) before the end of the weekend.

SnapDawg 10-21-04 04:54 PM

Fo me, It's all about the NLCS....Go Cards!!

Disc-Flipper 10-21-04 05:52 PM

SCTV Volume 2 "Midnight Video Special"
Ren & Stimpy - Seasons 1 & 2 "Big Baby Scam"
Star Trek Voyager Season 2 "Lifesigns"
South Park Season 3 "Chinpokomon" & "Rainforest Shmainforest"
The Wizard of Speed and Time
Blood River
Darkman III: Die Darkman Die
The Man in the Santa Claus Suit
The Star Wars Holiday Special
The Avengers (1998)
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Alice in Wonderland (1966)

Giles 10-22-04 10:19 AM

Monday - Collateral, Motorcycle Diaries

Tuesday - Blueberry (DVD)

Wednesday - Shall We Dance?, Illusive Tracks, Stage Beauty

Thursday - Last Life in the Universe (DVD), Kinsey

Friday - Bear Cub, Cowboys & Angels

other DVD viewings to pencil in:Werkmeister Harmonies, Soul Vengeance.

aintnosin 10-22-04 12:42 PM

Finish watching Farscape: Season 4
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Day After Tomorrow
Man On Fire

Minor Threat 10-22-04 12:43 PM

Only one this weekend:


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