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Did you ever buy a DVD from a grocery store?

Old 10-06-04, 04:34 PM
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Did you ever buy a DVD from a grocery store?

I know it is a rip-off but have you bought a dvd from a grocery store or a store similar to a grocery store?
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Old 10-06-04, 04:45 PM
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Why is it a rip-off? Anyway, I bought a couple used DVDs for $3.99 each from a grocery store that rented DVDs. That's it.
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Old 10-06-04, 05:03 PM
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i bought Election at an Albertsons for about $10 a while ago.
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Old 10-06-04, 05:11 PM
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no...but I've bought 2 from the drugstore(Walgreens) and 1 from a gas station.

good finds, btw.
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Old 10-06-04, 05:11 PM
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No, but my local grocery has one of those double sided MGM display stand thingies... $9.99 for brand new DVDs, same as Best Buy, etc... I usually give it a glance.
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Old 10-06-04, 05:13 PM
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RALEY'S-Starship Troopers,Unbreakable,Castaway,Peter Pan,Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon,Shrek and Citizen Kane(!)

RITE-AID-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,Fist of Fury (Donnie Yen version...Couldn't belive they had this!) and Jimmy Neutron

Edit-Oh, RITE-AID's a drug store huh
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Old 10-06-04, 05:32 PM
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no but like Johnny Zhivago, this small grocery store near me has a stand for MGM DVDs. Bowling for Columbine, Manchurian Candidate, and a bunch of others for 9.99. they also have other stuff but I forget what.
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Old 10-06-04, 05:57 PM
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My local Walgreens has a standalone rack in the center of the floor with loads of Z-grade titles for $5. Once in a while I pick one up.
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Old 10-06-04, 06:05 PM
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Ghost World for 9.99 at Kroger.
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Nope, they usually have only fullscreen stuff, overpriced, and a crappy selection.
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Old 10-06-04, 06:41 PM
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Can't say I ever have.
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Old 10-06-04, 06:46 PM
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Nope, but if they had something i wanted for cheap i would.
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Old 10-06-04, 07:02 PM
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Once. I bought George of the Jungle at Walgreens. It was on sale 4 days before its posted release date.
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I bought 3 DVDs of The Lucy Show for $3.33 each at a Top Foods store.
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Old 10-06-04, 07:25 PM
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My local pharmacy has the "popular" DvD's (LOTR, Disney, Pixar stuff, etc).

No shame in buying it there if you like PAN & SCAN
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I got Open Range at Albertsons one week before its street date.
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Two Towers extended was $13 or something at Meijer for a week or two last winter. I picked up a 2nd copy for my dad.
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I bought a box of cereal that had a DVD in it. Does that count?
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Old 10-06-04, 09:16 PM
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I never go over to the dvds at Bi-Lo cause they have them placed where you wouldn't seem them until after you checked out at the registers and walked into the aisle. Dumbest idea ever.

At Ingles they have a dvd stand, but many of the dvds can be had for cheaper elsewhere.

So no.
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I never bought a dvd at retail at a grocery store. free dvds on cereal is different.
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Old 10-06-04, 09:18 PM
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Originally posted by Perkinsun Dzees
I bought a box of cereal that had a DVD in it. Does that count?
Was it Corn Chex? Because I bought two boxes of that recently. For the cereal, though.
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Old 10-06-04, 09:35 PM
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nope, where I live they tend to be more expensive there.
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Old 10-06-04, 09:54 PM
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I don't buy DVDs at grocery stores. I also don't buy food at Circuit City or Best Buy.

I've seen enough to know the grocery store DVDs are always overpriced. Better deals are had elsewhere. And I'm not big on buying used DVDs when new ones are often between $10 and $20.

With one exception. I saw a new copy of Tremors at my local grocery store, and bought it. Best part is the price rang up wrong, so I got it for free.
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Old 10-06-04, 10:40 PM
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All the time... my local grocery store has a very decent Electronics section, and their dvds are usually $1-$5 cheaper than Best Buy or Future Shop, which is pretty damn sweet.

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