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Did you ever buy a DVD from a grocery store?

Old 10-06-04, 11:17 PM
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I usually don't, but CVS had Notting Hill for $9.99 recently, and I snapped it up. (yes, drug store, not grocery store, but it's the same concept -- and they do tend to stock the foolscreen version where there is a choice -- fortunately NH is, AFAIK, widescreen-only)
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Old 10-06-04, 11:55 PM
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I bought The Lion King Platinum Edition at my local grocery store last year.
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Old 10-07-04, 01:30 AM
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Yes. I buy 7 DVD at my local grocery once (I have no idea why these DVD ended up there, but who cares) : Dark Passage, Gaslight, High Sierra, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Mutiny on the Bounty, They Drive By Night and To Have and Have Not.
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Old 10-07-04, 01:47 AM
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I've only purchased groceries.
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Old 10-07-04, 02:14 AM
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I did. The DVD came inside the cereal though
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Old 10-07-04, 03:51 AM
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I bought a box of Chex just for teh "Inspector Gadget" disc.
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Old 10-07-04, 07:54 AM
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Originally posted by Forum Troll
I bought a box of Chex just for teh "Inspector Gadget" disc.
Same here.
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Old 10-07-04, 08:58 AM
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One of my favorite places to go is now a grocery store...Ingles to be exact. I've tried to let people here know about some great deals there, but no one ever replied to my thread. I suppose most here do not have an Ingles near them. Check out the thread though, as I really stand by it.

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Old 10-07-04, 09:04 AM
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I recently bought "Home on the Range" at a Grocery store they were offering a cake, box of microwave popcorn, and soda with purchase. It was $2 more than the advertised price that week so I figured it was a fair trade off. I have also purchased some pre-viewed dvd's there when they run B1G1F deals.
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Old 10-07-04, 09:05 AM
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I did once...It was a good price plus I didn't want to drive out to Wal-Mart. So I got dinner and a DVD
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Old 10-07-04, 09:11 AM
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I found Mars Attacks for $7 at a Kroger's store, I never found it in the Wal-mart cheapie bin so I picked it up.
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Old 10-07-04, 09:28 AM
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I found the Star Wars Trilogy at Kroger a week before release date.
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Old 10-07-04, 09:31 AM
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I buy movies all the time @ Meijers. My last purchase was the Friday The 13th box set.
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Old 10-07-04, 11:30 AM
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I bought a few DVD's at Longs once...good deals too, I got Donnie Darko for $6 and Oz Season 1 for $12.
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Old 10-07-04, 11:32 AM
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I found an OOP Ultimate Edition of Meet Joe Black and Apollo 13 at Walgreens yesterday.
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Old 10-07-04, 11:40 AM
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A Hy-Vee in my area had a few copies of Disney's Beauty & The Beast for $7.99 about a year ago. I don't know why I didn't buy it.
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Old 10-07-04, 11:50 AM
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My local Green Acres (a small specialty store) had the Star Wars trilogy for $18.99 when you bought 4 Top Sirloin steaks.

Couldn't pass that up! And the Steaks werre EXCELENT!
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Old 10-07-04, 12:24 PM
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I stumbled across a markdown display at a local Kroger about six months ago. I snagged two movies:

Snow White SE : $7
Lawrence of Arabia SE: $7

Watched and sold LOA for $17, kept Snow White.
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Strange you should ask, but last week I snagged The Manchurian Candidate SE at my local grocery store (Schnucks for you St. Louis folk), for 7.99, not bad. I guess the point is that it's not a common occurrance. Most 'regular' grocery stores might get in a display of the latest Disney/Pixar flick, and not much else, and not at a good price, but they had this next to the self-checkout lines, so it was a total impulse buy.
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Old 10-07-04, 04:48 PM
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I buy DVDs all the time at my local grocery story (Fred Meyers; owned by Kroger's). On the other hand, they're not really a "grocery store". They have a seperate electronics department, jewelry store, clothing, hardware, etc. Kind of like a big Wal*Mart, but classier.

I also buy at Best Buy, Fry's and Target. I don't really mess with Circuit City and very rarely buy a Wal*Mart.
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Not yet.... Stop & Shop Supermarket DVDs are still too overpriced to catch my attention. But I have bought a couple at some gas stations and pawn shops.
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No, but then my local grocery stores are very regional franchise-wise. If I find one that's a great deal I'd be happy to throw it in with the frozen pizza!
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A grocery store where I live rents DVDs and eventually sells them for $4.95 each. However, there aren't many I can buy because if a title is released in separate widescreen and fullframe editions, they will only get the fullframe one. Also, titles that came in Snapper cases aren't really worth it (unless you make your own artwork) because they mangle the cases by forcing the cardboard into their special lockable keepcases they use for rental.

I'm getting both volumes of Kill Bill that way (one down, one to go) so I don't spend a lot for something that will probably be replaced by the future edition(s) Quentin Tarantino has talked about.

They also sell some new DVDs, but again, only the fullframe versions when applicable. Sigh.
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