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ThickAsABrick 08-31-04 08:16 PM

Is This A Bootleg?

hey guys, not sure if it is okay to post this here (apologies in advanced if its not), but i was wondering if that copy is a bootleg.

Jackskeleton 08-31-04 08:46 PM

Kinda hard to tell.

Good signs:
Region 1: US, CA

it's not region 0. and it's preowned which is a decent sign that it may be legit. No insert though, but atleast it doesn't have asian writting on the front.

I'm going to go with the Legit call on this one. Though I may be wrong. any second thoughts?

AnonomusBob15 08-31-04 08:48 PM

hard to tell, but given the funny listing (is this title anamorphic?) and the crappy pictures, I wouldn't take the chance.

If it was real, he'd know it and go through the extra trouble to ensure the buyer of it's authenticity.

asianxcore 08-31-04 08:49 PM

its a boot I think.

from all the pictures I've seen of The Killer: Criterion, I dont remember the disc art looking like that.

from some other auction on ebay:

Jackskeleton 08-31-04 08:53 PM

ah, looks like I was wrong. Well there you go.

pat00139 08-31-04 09:34 PM

That's a bootleg. First of all, there's no insert. Second of all, The Killer CC is region 0 (IIRC). Third, the cover art isn't coloured, like the picture posted. Fourth of all, 25 bucks?

I got shafted once buying a bootleg, so the next time I made sure I had a good copy.

ThickAsABrick 08-31-04 09:55 PM

pat - i had chalked up the low price to fact that it's so early in the auction.

I'm new to the ebay thingie ;)

Jackskeleton 08-31-04 10:20 PM

Price isn't always a factor. I've seen a lot of high priced items start off at a buck but end at 100+

hleelily 08-31-04 10:21 PM

That's a bootleg. the disc art is definitely wrong.

Leechboy 08-31-04 11:56 PM

I own the real one, the ebay one pictured is fake.

lcnickell 09-01-04 12:00 AM

It's a Boot.

dvd label art is wrong

and killer is not anamorphic either.

Mike Lowrey 09-01-04 12:04 AM

Originally posted by lcnickell
It's a Boot.

dvd label art is wrong

and killer is not anamorphic either.

OT, but yet another reason why I don't get the fascination of Criterion titles when a good lot of them aren't anamorphic transfers. I mean, what's up wit dat?

wolverine1028 09-01-04 12:32 AM

looks iffy to me.

sracer 09-01-04 08:39 AM

It's a bootleg... either that or this guy is sitting on a few of 'em. He previously sold at least one before:


dx23 09-01-04 09:08 AM

It's a bootleg. I paid $9.99 for one exactly like that in Canada. The disk has all the same things as the real version but this copy is definitely a bootleg.

pilot 09-01-04 10:23 AM

please don't discuss bootlegs. thank you.

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