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Carnivale Season 1 - 12/7

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Carnivale Season 1 - 12/7

Old 08-20-04, 03:54 PM
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Carnivale Season 1 - 12/7

According to TVShowsOnDVD, the 1st season of HBO's Carnivale will make its DVD debut on December 7th.

Here's some info:

1934. The Dustbowl. The last great age of magic. In a time of titanic sandstorms, vile plagues, drought and pestilence - signs of God's fury and harbingers of the Apocalypse - the final conflict between good and evil is about to begin. The battle will take place in the heartland of an empire called America. And when it is over, man will forever trade away wonder for reason.

December 7th is the in-store date for this, and list price is $99.99 for what ought to be 12 hour-long episodes. They are trying to get this out in time for fans and new viewers to catch up before the new season premieres in January.

Here's what else you'll find:

Behind-the-scenes featurette detailing how set and costume designers collaborated to achieve the look of the Dustbowl in the 1930s.

Museum of TV and Radio moderated panel with cast, creators, and crew discussing the production of Carnivale.

Three audio commentaries with series creator Daniel Knauf, executive producer Howard Klein, and more.
Episodic Previews and Re-caps.

Old 08-20-04, 05:25 PM
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Something about this series really clicks with me...

Perhaps it's the slow pacing (which drives so many others crazy)... Its seems brillirantly mapped-out to me, like an X-Files or Twin Peaks that really knows where it's heading and is going to take its time getting there.

Perhaps it's because I saw all the episodes fairly quickly. The first season was like a 12-hour movie or mini-series--and it was clearly still just getting going... so it certainly isn't for everyone. Practically *all* character development, and little storyline... But what characters. I thought it was one of the best things I'd ever seen on TV, and would love to add this to my collection.
Old 08-20-04, 09:20 PM
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as much as i like this show and want to own the DVD, its just way too expensive. i will try to find it used or something. i have the feeling alot of people will get it as gifts or blind buys and just hate it and want to get rid of it.
Old 08-20-04, 09:41 PM
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I was thinking of giving it a shot, but not at that price. It is just 12 episodes too. No way I pay anything close to that.

I will hope that, as noted above, some folks will get it for Xmas, hate it as much as a few of my friends did, and dump it cheap. Then maybe the price for a 12 episode season will be a little more realistic.
Old 08-20-04, 09:58 PM
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The list price of $99.99 is the standard price for HBO releases such as The Sopranos. So you should be able to find for $60 at most retailers.

I think that most people getting this has gifts will be able to foloow the series better on dvd. You will be able to follow the slower pace by watching them shorter time. Also, they will be able to rewind/rewatch episodes to better understand small, quirky details that you miss in one watching. You will not be scratching your head trying remember all small details that added up over the season.
Old 08-20-04, 10:03 PM
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I'm really looking forward to revisiting these episodes when they are released. I enjoyed the show a lot when it aired, but I just know I will notice some different things when I see them again.
Old 08-20-04, 10:42 PM
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Im glad this is coming to dvd soon. I didnt catch this when it was on tv, and Im looking forward to watching it. I dont know if Ill buy it, but definatly rent it to see if its worth it.
Old 08-21-04, 12:58 AM
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I really like this series & want a DVD set of the whole season.

However, the price on this is just waaaaaaayyy too much. Even at $60.00 that ain't cheap enough in my book.

For the people reading this thread, let me start an informal poll:

What do you think would be a fair price/price you would pay for this set?

My answer: $20-$30

Old 08-21-04, 01:02 AM
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I haven't seen the show, I just wanted to take it for a test drive. For 12 episodes, I would be willing to pay $30-$40.00 tops.
Old 08-21-04, 02:46 AM
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i would pay $40 bucks, no problem. MAYBE 50 but probably not.

i am thinking opening week at best buy will be about 79.99, MAYBE 74.99 and then jumping 5-10 bucks the following week. $60 is 40% off, i dont see that happening, especially not at BB or CC.
Old 08-21-04, 03:21 AM
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I absolutely love Carnivale, but I'm not paying $100 for 12 episodes, at an average of about $8.50 per episode. At best it'll be $80-85 on sale during the first week. But since this has a much more limited audience than HBO's other shows, I'll be very surprised if it's even in the weekly ad come December, much less on sale. With all the television on DVD these days, there's no justification for that price for so little content.

I'll get two seasons of another show, for a total of 44 hours content and with change left over before I'll shell out the money for this show. A shame though, this was easily my favorite show to air during the most recent television season. Oh well... I'll either pick this up when it's in the bargain bin due to horrid sales or I'll do without it.

HBO has a passable excuse for charging their normal price for BoB, Sopranos and Six Feet Under. They are all critically acclaimed series that have/had decent ratings. Considering Carnivale was on the bubble for renewal and it's ratings weren't spectacular, this price seems all the more stupid. Obviously HBO doesn't care at this point, but this set should be $40 at most to try and build an audience for the second season so it has a shot for a third.
Old 08-21-04, 03:24 AM
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I was so excited about getting Carnivale but the MSRP is a bit too much for only 12 episodes.

I'll probably wait for it to go down in price like I did with Band of Brothers, I found it for $62 at Walmart and bought it.
Old 08-21-04, 03:27 AM
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Yeah, this is way too expensive.

I liked what I saw, but I can't justify a purchase at that price. This is one of those shows that's kind of on the bubble... it's either going to build into something really huge by the time it ends, it'll just meander around until everyone loses interest, or HBO will pull the rug out from under it just as it starts to get really interesting.

Maybe they can get away with premium prices on something like "The Sopranos" which has a monster buzz around it, but "Carnivale" is really under the radar.

Shit, read through this thread and you have people who have seen and would be willing to buy it being turned off by the price. Don't count on many blind buys for this one.

What does HBO stand for anyway? HEY, BEND OVER?
Old 08-23-04, 11:31 PM
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You know, on the one hand I can see that since this is a niche title (hence limited market), maybe someone feels that they need the cost per set to be high in order to make money on the 'small' run.

I am curious as to the reasoning behing the suggested msrp of $100. How does someone figure they can make their money off a limited run by pricing it so darn high (i.e. possibly killing sales within your limited market)? I really like the show, and would really like the DVDs so I can watch the shows repeatedly to pick up on small points I may have missed, and to watch in an extended run. However, I am not so obsessed with the show that I will drop $100 for the set. Unh unh. No way. There are a lot of other DVD sets I want that I could get for less than $100 each.

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