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WillyShatsWig 08-02-04 03:41 AM

Deep Impact Special Collector's Edition
Paramount have sent us full details of their October 5th release of Deep Impact Special Collector's Edition:

Paramount have announced the full details of the content of their October 5th release of Deep Impact Special Collector's Edition. The movie will boast an anamorphic widescreen transfer and DD5.1 English audio, as well as Doby 2.0 Surround English and French.

Extra features will include an audio commentary with director Mimi Leder & visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar; a Preparing For The End feturette; a Making An Impact featurette; a Creating The Perfect Traffic Jam featurette; a Parting Thoughts featurette; a photo gallery; the teaser trailer; and the theatrical trailers.

The SRP will be set at $19.99.
Full article here

marty888 08-02-04 06:48 AM

Looks good - thanks for the news!

Geofferson 08-02-04 08:31 AM

Might pick this up as I don't have the current disc.

Giles 08-02-04 09:32 AM

but where are the deleted scenes?? I remembering reading Dougray Scott's character and storyline got edited out of the theatrical cut of the film.

digitalfreaknyc 08-02-04 10:08 AM

Guess it's time to get rid of my Region 4 disc :)

Giles 08-02-04 10:25 AM

where's that inital support to start releasing DTS sound on Paramount DVDs?? I guess there's no room, oh well, that sucks...

djones6746 08-02-04 10:38 AM

Sold my 1st release earlier this year. Cannot wait to pick up for the anamorphic transfer alone. :)

B5Erik 08-02-04 11:03 AM

I just sold my copy of the original DVD a couple weeks ago. I'm definitely getting the SE. This is a really good movie.

freudguy 08-02-04 11:04 AM

I'll most definitely pick this up as it's a guilty pleasure of mine. It's a good companion to Armageddon. I almost picked up the original release a couple weeks ago until I remembered rumors about this one.

Tony Dvdfan 08-02-04 12:17 PM

I'll definately grab this one too, DTS would've been nice, but still worth it.

MrVette99 08-02-04 01:32 PM

Fantastic. This was an early buy for me. I've watched it dozens of times.

Other favorites of mine, that are not anamorphic, (and need to be) is "Ever After", and "The Mask".

Simpson Purist 08-02-04 02:02 PM

It's the best Decemberween gift ever.

Nice SRP too. Although I kinda wished there was DTS too.

Mike Lowrey 08-02-04 02:51 PM

Oh so the original disc wasn't anamorphic?

Dazed 08-02-04 02:54 PM

May have to pick this one up. Wasnt as good as Armageddon in the action department but still quite entertaining.

digitalfreaknyc 08-02-04 02:57 PM

Nope. It was non-anamorphic.

Paramount had a good amount from their early discs that are STILL non-anamorphic.

cajun_junky 08-02-04 03:25 PM

I am also excited to get this. I have been putting off purchasing the non-anamorphic release and it has been hard since I like the movie so much.

Maybe the week of release it will be $15ish.

Cornelius1047 08-02-04 04:10 PM

My guess it'll be $15ish regular price every week at places like Best Buy and Circuit City. I can see it having a sale price of $12.99 at either one of them the first week.


TomOpus 08-02-04 05:46 PM

Nice price... I'll probably get it.

QuiGonJosh 08-02-04 07:11 PM

<strike>why do people buy this crap? *shrug*</strike>

Please read the threadcrapping thread at the top of this forum. - Static

TomOpus 08-02-04 08:13 PM

Originally posted by QuiGonJosh
<strike>why do people buy this crap? *shrug* </strike>
For the same reasons you buy your crap. :p

Nothing wrong with crap... it helps to keep things in perspective.

eau 08-02-04 10:09 PM

Originally posted by QuiGonJosh
<strike>why do people buy this crap? *shrug* </strike>
One's crap can be someone else's treasure *shrug*

Fincher Fan 08-02-04 11:17 PM

I preferred this movie to Armageddon and will pick it up.

Numanoid 08-02-04 11:21 PM

Originally posted by QuiGonJosh
<strike>why do people buy this crap? *shrug*</strike>
Aren't you the guy who throws a fit whenever someone craps in a Star Wars thread?

superdeluxe 08-03-04 12:16 AM

I have never picked up the original release, so might do it here :)


Static Cling 08-03-04 06:52 AM

If someone threadcraps, please don't reply to it. Just report it and ignore it. When three people quote it, it quadruples the work the mods have to do to get rid of it.

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