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critterdvd 06-21-04 09:29 PM

With the announcement of 7th Heaven Season 1 coming in Septmeber, I was wondering if anything has been heard about Charmed Season 1? Thanks.

Shay 06-22-04 09:03 AM

Nothing till at least 2005 according to tvshowsondvd.com: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=773

Canis Firebrand 11-06-04 10:15 AM

Just got an update in email today via tvshowsondvd.com

Posted here http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=2402

Charmed - When are the DVDs coming? We KNOW!
Posted by David Lambert

It was over a year ago that TVShowsOnDVD first brought you word that Charmed - the most popular unreleased title in our voting - would not make it to DVD until 2005. There have been rumors on the internet for a couple of months now that said we would see the first DVDs in the second month of that year. We kept quiet about that, because they WERE just rumors, and the folks at Paramount didn't know if the release would make it out in that timeframe or not.

Today Paramount Home Entertainment officially announced that Charmed - The Complete 1st Season IS on the February schedule. An exact release date was not given just yet, but we anticipate having this in the not-too-distant future. No other details are available just yet, either, but stay tuned because we're as anxious to provide them as you are to get them!

One last thing: according to the rumors, Paramount planned to get future releases out every three months: February, May, August, November, and so on. We don't know for sure that this is the studio's release plan, but the pattern it represents is very similar to that of other hot TV-on-DVD releases from them, including today's announcement of MacGyver. Stay tuned!

Link to this page:

All news for this show:

Canis Firebrand 11-09-04 06:52 AM

New email from TVShowsondvd.com :)

Posted Here: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=2417

Charmed - And the street date is...
Posted by David Lambert

Many thousands of registered TVShowsOnDVD users have voted for Charmed to come out on DVD, making it the #1 most-requested series at our site...with 99% of you wanting season sets!

We thank each and every one of you for your support, and now we want to reward you with the very first official word from the studio of the exact street date for Charmed - Season 1. Late yesterday, Paramount told me that the release date is:

February 1, 2005

Bear in mind that release dates are ALWAYS subject to change, but Paramount has begun solicitating this set with retailers, and are using that date in their discussions. It is a very solid date at this time. Cover art will be available in the not-too-distant future, and the official details about the set will be circulated soon as well. Stay tuned, and...you're welcome!

Link to this page:

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Big Worms 11-10-04 03:22 PM

Awesome news!

Romerojpg 11-10-04 04:08 PM

mmmmm Price is important on this series as I cannot afford another High prices series to complete :(

please let it be very, very cheap :)

and whats the aspect ratio of the show in the later seasons? did they ever go wide? as we just get fulscreen over here and all the downloads on the net are too.

Big Worms 11-10-04 04:11 PM

Amazon has it for $34.99 right now as reported in this thread.



Romerojpg 11-11-04 11:19 AM

Thanks Big Worm :)

if that is the Final price I am over the moon, as that super value compared to most TV shows, lets hope the dvds are stunners too :)

7 seasons wont cost too much after all.

Gizmo 11-11-04 02:44 PM

Great! Now that Buffy and Angel will be completed I have something else to look forward too.

Nierfacon 11-17-04 05:44 AM

Can't believe that nobody mentioned it yet, but TV Shows on DVD has Charmed cover art up!

Canis Firebrand 11-17-04 06:31 AM

Cover art up. :)

Big Worms 11-17-04 08:30 AM

Nice. :thumbsup:

Romerojpg 11-17-04 10:26 AM

My Good God! thats pretty nice looking! I think they all look sooo young and innocent, eben Alisa :) bring the seires on.

I wonder what sort of picture quality it will be as its not too old and it may have been shot on some nice expensive film stock :) hope it looks top, the CGI on the other hand I am sure will be poor after all this time.

Romerojpg 11-17-04 10:51 AM

Just thought I would add

does anyone knoew if canadian versions of Paramopunt TV series are the same packaging as there USA counterparts? or are they the dreaded multi language french and english eveil jobs?

as the Canadian version is $36.99 canadian dollars!!! thats an amazing price! and bought it instantly for that price!

Canis Firebrand 01-31-05 06:34 AM


Looks like Season 2 is coming out shortly after Season 1 this week. :)

From: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=2831

Charmed - Charmed mag agrees with TSoD's info: S2 in May
Posted by David Lambert

We've had a few notes in the past few days from readers telling us that a Charmed website was reporting some Season 2 news, but it was Natalie F. who finally actually gave us a link. It turns out that Ramon, the creator of a fansite known as "Charmed Streetteam" reported the following at his site:

Charmed Season Two is coming to DVD.

It has been officially confirmed in the 3rd issue of the official Charmed magazine. Charmed's second season is coming to DVD in MAY, no specific date has been given, not coverart or info on extras has been released, but we'll make sure to keep you posted.

Today we continued to get e-mails from readers about this, including one from Michael Burnaugh that went into a bit more detail where to find the info in that magazine:

In "Charmed Magazine #3", they're talking about the season 1 DVD Box Set release date (February 1, 2005). In the same news section and in the same article (beginning of the magazine), they officially announce there will be a season 2 DVD Box Set. The release is officially on Paramount's release schedule for...MAY 2005

Noone has been able to provide a scan of the magazine in question, but we think that's okay at this point. The info matches what TVShowsOnDVD posted in a November 2004 news story, when we stated that according to the rumors, Paramount plans to get future releases out every three months: February, May, August, November, and so on. So the "May" timeframe fits; now we're just waiting on the studio to provide an exact date in May for that second season. Stay tuned, and we'll fill you in just as soon as we know! Thanks Natalie, Michael, & everybody else who wrote; we appreciate it!

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