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TylerDurden_73 06-19-04 03:15 PM

Spiderman suberbit problem/defect...
At 36:50 during the match with Bonesaw the subtitles come on. it's happened on two copies, and on all 3 of my DVD players.
Model numbers and make:
Sony DVP-NC655P
Sony DVP-S530D
Cyberhome 300

Anyone else having this problem?

Edited to Add: this is the only part of the movie that the subtitles come on.

notvandnobeer 06-19-04 11:25 PM

I don't have the R1 Superbit, but on the R3/R0 Superbit, it does the same thing. Must be some problem with the Superbit disc itself. It never happened with the regular Spider-man dvd. By the way, I have a Philips dvd player.

chente 06-20-04 11:57 AM

It happened on my copy too. I have a Sony DVP-NC615.

Bleddyn Williams 06-20-04 01:22 PM

I had no problem last night on my Malata 996.

Swinger 06-20-04 01:30 PM

I just watched my copy for the first time, also on a Sony DVP-S530D, and had the same problem. It's an old player, but I've never had any playback problems like this before. The subtitles did not appear on my Dell 8500. Now what?

TonyS 06-21-04 06:26 AM

Same here on my Zenith DVB318 and Denon DVD-1600. I didn't bother to try it on my Sony DVP-S530D as I assume I will not have different results from Swinger. I tried my original 2-disc widescreen copy and no subtitles at all during this scene. Anyone have a contact number or email address for Columbia/Sony regarding their DVDs?

aa-dvd 06-21-04 12:25 PM

happend on my toshiba 4900 also.

TylerDurden_73 06-21-04 01:23 PM

I can't find anything on sony's site for contact info.

warcp 06-21-04 01:47 PM

I have the cruddy Panasonic SC-HT900 5 Disc and it played it fine.

TylerDurden_73 06-22-04 02:54 PM


does anyone have contact info for columbia/tristar home video?

eau 06-22-04 03:26 PM

Straight from the NEW Customer Service Phone Number Thread:

Columbia Tristar Home Video
1-800-860-2878 or 1-310-244-4000
[email protected]

Swinger 09-08-04 12:21 PM

Did anyone ever find out a solution for this?

DVD Josh 09-08-04 01:45 PM

Originally posted by Swinger
Did anyone ever find out a solution for this?
Live with it. It's for two seconds.

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