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theDVDfreak 06-14-04 05:35 PM

My prayers have been answered "The Thing" in Anamorphic
I was checking Universal's website and behold


October 5th

Looks the same as last one, no DTS darn.

Johnny Zhivago 06-14-04 05:37 PM

-eek- Please, please, please, please, please be true.

OldBoy 06-14-04 05:38 PM

was the other non-anamorphic?

bboisvert 06-14-04 05:39 PM

This being Universal, I won't believe this until I'm actually watching the disc on my system.

But this is (tentatively) great news.

RobCA 06-14-04 05:41 PM

From DVDTimes:

Universal Studios Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of John Carpenter's The Thing for 5th October 2004 with a retail price of $19.98. Arriving as part of the promotional push Universal are giving several horror titles alongside the debut of Dawn of the Dead (2004), the big news here is that rather than a simple re-release, fans will at long last get John Carpenter's classic in anamorphic widescreen!

Features on this new set look largely the same as the current special edition, bar that new anamorphic widescreen transfer...

2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
English DD5.1 Surround
French Dolby Surround
English, French and Spanish subtitles
John Carpenter's The Thing: Terror Takes Shape
Feature Commentary with Director John Carpenter and Kurt Russell
Production Background Archives
Cast Production Photographs
Production Art and Storyboards
Location Design
Production Archives
The Saucer
The Blairmonster
Post Production
Theatrical Trailer

We'll bring you a look at the artwork soon...

Johnny Zhivago 06-14-04 05:46 PM

Originally posted by RobCA
From DVDTimes:

shill66 06-14-04 05:48 PM

Oh. God. Yes.

QuiGonJosh 06-14-04 05:50 PM

dont own a 16:9 TV...dont care...love the current disc... :D

Jazzbutcher 06-14-04 06:35 PM

You've gotta be f'ing kidding me!

I mean :)

Hammer99 06-14-04 07:02 PM


tenaciousdave 06-14-04 08:44 PM

The disc I own now says it's anamorphic. I don't have a 16:9 set so I can't check it. Was there some kind of mislabel?

I got mine for free from some promotion from Gamestop. It came in a clear jewel case, but the disc say anamorphic.

DVDho78DTS 06-14-04 08:50 PM

Awesome news. I have been waiting a long time for this. :up:

BlackBeauty92 06-14-04 09:17 PM

:eek: i'm.... wetting.... myself.... :eek:


theDVDfreak 06-14-04 09:30 PM

The disc I own now says it's anamorphic. I don't have a 16:9 set so I can't check it. Was there some kind of mislabel?

The latest run of "The Thing" was mislabeled. The Jacket was correct and just said "widescreen", but the disc itself, said Anamorphic. I got in an argument a while back and won by buying the thing just to prove someone wrong, I sold it again.

Universal got an E-mail from me about once a month. This is my favorite movie of all time, sorry Im a John Carpenter nut. I begged them for an Anamorphic version of "The Thing". They always use to put me off, but the last reply was not so negative. I had a feeling this may come up soon. I was hopping mad for a while that I would get Star Wars on DVD (my second favorite film) before a decent version of "Thing". Now I just have to wait a couple of weeks.

Now what do I do? I have over 400 DVD's that filled the void for not having Star Wars or Thing. I may actually have to stop buying so many of them. Wait, nahh...

RichardW 06-14-04 10:19 PM


shizawn 06-14-04 10:33 PM

Yay! I'll be upgrading for sure.

Josh-da-man 06-14-04 10:34 PM

I'm not surprised, since the current disc has been out of print for a while now.

Glad to see they're porting over all of the extras, and I hope they keep the same cover art.

Robert 06-14-04 10:46 PM

This new anamorphic edition will <b>definitely not</b> have a chapter list or the theatrical trailer.(even though DVDTimes lists the trailer).

MSD 06-14-04 10:53 PM

I'm fine with my current disc, no need to buy it again.

Rammsteinfan 06-14-04 10:55 PM


Oh okay, Im fine now. I am soooo happy this is finally coming. I have watched my non-16x9 copy at least 50 times since it originally came out. Time to retire it and get me a new one!

Mr. Cinema 06-14-04 11:09 PM

So what are the other horror titles they are going to push with Dawn of the Dead?

Shroud 06-14-04 11:22 PM

I'll buy for the Anamorphic transfer. Hopefully we will get DTS this time too.

Rammsteinfan 06-14-04 11:44 PM

I doubt a DTS will be present

mdc3000 06-15-04 12:16 AM

SWEET... I've been holding out on this forever...finally I can buy it!


Mr. Salty 06-15-04 12:25 AM

Originally posted by tenaciousdave
The disc I own now says it's anamorphic. I don't have a 16:9 set so I can't check it.
Sure you can. Set your DVD player to output 16:9. If the picture appears vertically stretched on your 4:3 TV, it's anamorphic. If the picture stays the same (appears in the correct aspect ratio with no distortion), it's non-anamorphic.

Yes, the current version of "The Thing" is mislabeled.

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