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runnersdialzero 06-07-04 04:21 PM

Who has over a 1000 DVDs?
I'm at 810 DVDs right now and I've sold a lot of stuff in that time. I'm guessing I've bought about 1100 DVDs. I'll usually go through my collection and find 3-4 titles I could live without and go and trade those in for 1 DVD I really want. I tell myself I would rather have 1 DVD I really want instead of 3 or 4 minors titles I'll probably never watch.

I have 810 and I am pretty picky. I usually don't buy movies I haven't seen unless it's a director I really like. Sometimes when I go to Best Buy or some place like that and some guy buys every week's new release. Everything from a romantic comedy to a blow em up action flick. The movies are so totally different I would have to think that no person could possibly like all those movies that came out that week. According to IMDB, I've seen 2700+ movies and I own 810. That's only like 1 in every 4 movies I see, I buy. Well, I guess that is a lot....Nevermind.

So, anybody have over a 1000 and can honestly say they like all of their movies?


nodeerforamonth 06-07-04 04:47 PM

Blockbuster and Best Buy

RockyMtnBri 06-07-04 04:52 PM

60 to go!

purplechoe 06-07-04 04:59 PM

I hate most of the crap I have. Why do I even bother.

modfather 06-07-04 05:00 PM

Only about 600 to go, but I've watched every one I own and enjoy them all.

shill66 06-07-04 05:03 PM

Over 1600 here. I don't sell them... back in the late 80s and early 90s I sold off a lot of CDs that I wasn't listening to, and didn't think I'd miss. Now in 2004 I've repurchased many of them because I did miss them. I simply decided I wouldn't go down that backstep road again. :)

ChrisHicks 06-07-04 05:12 PM

over 1600 here too and I can say I like over 95% of my collection. I just don't feel like trying to get rid of the stinkers.

SilverScreen 06-07-04 05:22 PM

RunnersDialZero, I would say you and I are pretty close to being in the same situation. The way I view the value of dvd's I like and the fact that I've bought over 1000 but currently have 800+ makes you and I almost identical.

flix1 06-07-04 06:42 PM

Have about 1050.
Have watched about 50%.
Like 90% of them.

I have started selling off double-dips, duplicates and OOPs with rumored re-releases. I used to be a hardcore collector, but it started being a money pit. I now use my existing collection to fund future DVD purchases. I sell DVDs, as described above, and use the money to purchase new ones. I usually make money on the deal, i.e. selling an OOP Disney for $30 then buying the new anamorphic special edition for $15.

I have also stopped buying most New Releases. Paying even $15 for a New Release, when it will be less than $10 in 6 months (when I MIGHT get a chance to watch it anyway), just was not worth it.

nemein 06-07-04 06:49 PM

About 30 to go... I haven't checked my preorder count recently (made a bunch last night) so I might be over the 1000 limit by the time I take all those into consideration. I'm thinking about doing a mass purging when I top it (so far I trim down about a dozen at every 50 bookmark). The problem is looking at the collection critically/realistically enough to actually get rid of some of them ;)

louiseb 06-07-04 06:58 PM

Me. If I don't like them somebody in my family or my BF does.

pro-bassoonist 06-07-04 07:08 PM

Originally posted by flix1
Have about 1050.
Have watched about 50%.
Like 90% of them.


perhaps 90% out of the half you've seen?...

Tarantino 06-07-04 07:58 PM

I've got about 600 to go.

Spiral Staircase 06-07-04 08:00 PM


flix1 06-07-04 08:11 PM

Originally posted by pro-bassoonist

perhaps 90% out of the half you've seen?...

Sorry, let me clarify. Many of the DVDs that I own but have not watched, I originally saw the films in the theater. I have bought some movies that I did not like (hard to pass up a great deal, though this was before I stopped collecting) and have bought others blind that I have not yet watched.

I estimate that I like about 90% of my total collection (+/- 25 DVDs worth of error).

Coral 06-07-04 08:21 PM

About 800 to go.

I have just under 200 DVDs and I can honestly say that I like all of them.

However, I'm trying to tighten up my collection by only having the "essentials". There are about 30 or so that I've seen a few times and feel that I don't need to see again (even though I like the films).

I can't see myself owning more than 250 DVDs, as I can't think of that many "essential" films.

Plus I have to factor in upcoming HD-DVD titles I want to own - so I need to make space for them. ;)

Not to diss those with really large collections - but won't there be a buttload of DVDs that you'll never see for long periods of time?
Theoretically speaking, with 1,000 DVDs (assuming that you watch 1 different DVD per night) you won't get back to the top of the order until almost 3 years later - and with work/family/friends getting in the way, it could be much longer than that.

Quake1028 06-07-04 08:45 PM

1,000 dvd's :drool:

OldBoy 06-07-04 08:48 PM

i don't and don't really care to. will never have that many in my life and happy bout it.

Mok 06-07-04 08:59 PM

I love collecting DVDs never enough for me 1628 is my current count.

Jericho 06-07-04 09:15 PM

I have over 1000, although that number does include a few TV DVDs and not movie ones. I've seen virtually all of them minus a new exception here and there. Most of them I've watch multiple times. I have a pretty wide variety of time frames and a wide variety of genres. Except for horror, I have a pretty good selection from other genres. But that's just my preferences

blade35 06-07-04 09:17 PM

Nearing 1200.

gutwrencher 06-07-04 10:41 PM


just hit 1,600 titles on the nose. there is plenty of essentials yet to add to the library. I usually make it a habit to not buy crap...just want is important to me and my tastes. "weeding out" is low on the agenda as I usually think about dumping something that has been upgraded...but then I end up keeping it anyway. emergency back-ups.:D

iKwak 06-07-04 10:48 PM

That is crazy! I probably can't watch a 1000 DVDs in a year!

ArchibaldTuttle 06-07-04 10:54 PM

950 to go, actually I will never own 1000 dvds, thats way to many

nemein 06-07-04 11:01 PM

Originally posted by ArchibaldTuttle
950 to go, actually I will never own 1000 dvds, thats way to many
That's exactly what I used to think ;) Of course the days of Reel.com and real coupons are gone so it's harder now :(

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