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DouglasRobert 06-01-04 09:39 AM

Would you like to see season sets of Saturday Night Live released?
Would you like to see Season sets of Saturday Night Live, including all music performances intact, released on DVD?

PixyJunket 06-01-04 09:44 AM

Not really.

Wannabe 06-01-04 09:45 AM

You'd have to build a new room just to house the entire collection. Even "best of" discs for each season would be overwhelming.

Calistoga 06-01-04 09:50 AM

I would like it, but I'm not sure I could afford it...much less have the additional shelf space.

nemein 06-01-04 09:52 AM

Never really cared for the show so I'd vote no (if this were a poll thread ;)).

matome 06-01-04 09:56 AM

I'll stick with the "Best of" discs for the main players.

DouglasRobert 06-01-04 10:00 AM

I would have done this as a poll, butg when I posted 2 polls in one day somebody posted a reply saying I can't do that.

If a moderator says it is Ok to do more than 1 poll per day, I will try to change this to a poll asap.

paustin 06-01-04 10:10 AM

I'd love to see individual box sets from the first few years

Nierfacon 06-01-04 10:18 AM

Never gonna happen, my friend. Music rights cost would exceed Miami Vices!

nemein 06-01-04 10:18 AM

If a moderator says it is Ok to do more than 1 poll per day, I will try to change this to a poll asap.
I'm not a mod of this forum but I also haven't heard of the 1 poll per day limit. Maybe it's something specific to this forum. Unless a mod for the forum is the one who said it originally though I think it should be ok.

DVD Josh 06-01-04 10:28 AM

Originally posted by Nierfacon
Never gonna happen, my friend. Music rights cost would exceed Miami Vices!
It doesn't have to be released with the musical performances.

DVD Josh 06-01-04 10:29 AM

I don't think I'd be very interested, too many sketches are hit and miss.

marty888 06-01-04 10:31 AM

"Best of" seems to work .... especially since most seasons would have enough material to do a "bad of" collection, too.

Sammy Jo 06-01-04 10:58 AM

I'd like to see season sets from the earlier years of SNL. I don't care that much about the music performances, I'd see myself skipping past those anyways.

Last I heard, whoever owns the episodes of SNL that have been syndicated isn't doing jack squat with them.

Cocopugg 06-01-04 11:04 AM

I'd buy season sets of the original SNL, maybe up til the Eddie Murphy era, after that I have no interest. But it's all a pipedream anyway, since they'll never do it because of music rights.

Seantn 06-01-04 11:11 AM

Best of Anthony Michael Hall.

costanza 06-01-04 11:24 AM

i'd love to have the farley era snl seasons. his best of is great but there are many other great performances during this period.

ThatGuamGuy 06-01-04 11:24 AM

I don't think "full seasons" would be a great feature, but I do think they could do full collections.

Imagine, for instance, every "Wayne's World" skit on the same disc. Or every "Sprockets". Or, to get off Myers, every "Samurai" or "Wild and Crazy Guys" (well, there's only four of those, but you get the idea).

Imagine the curiosity value of "See what Terry Southern managed to get on the air"...

I think these would be better than "Best of Myers" (or whoever), because different people have different favorite skits with specific characters. Although they could just do it as an add on to the regular best ofs also.

I also, related to this, think they should do a special release for the Jim Henson stuff from season one.

Jadzia 06-01-04 11:26 AM

I'd rather see individual episodes released (in their entirety). Maybe 3 episodes per disc.

The problem with "Best Ofs" is often you have a favorite skit that didn't make someone else's cut.

I happen to love this one skit (about Loew's movie theatre previews) from the Garth Brooks episode, but it got cut off from the Comedy Central repeats since it aired in the last half hour of the show (I think they assume usually all those skits suck, but there's often a great one lost in the shuffle.)

If they had them available 3 per disc, you could also easily pick up the guest hosts episodes you liked. I'd love to buy the Kyle McLachlan one for the Twin peaks stuff, etc.

ScreachingWeasel 06-01-04 11:40 AM

I'd buy all of the Will Ferrell years for sure. I'm not too into the first seasons though.

Deadpool 06-01-04 11:56 AM

Most of the musical performaces from the 1st 25 years have been available for some time:


If they were to release anything it would be best of or complete shows without the music...just my guess :)

I couldn't dvdtalk the link so if a mod can do it for me that would be great :)

Scorpio 06-01-04 12:41 PM

Definitely, especially the early years and the Phil Hartman years.

ArchibaldTuttle 06-01-04 12:43 PM

sure why not, I won't buy them though

Canis Firebrand 06-01-04 01:16 PM

Best ofs would be the way to go, in my opinion.

SNL was hit and miss for me. Some skits were really funny, others were either blah or just got annoying if they were a reoccuring skit.

I'd love to have all the Wayne's world skits on a disc. Maybe a disc with all the Church Chats too.

I also the skit with Shannon Doherty in the
is it date rape gameshow
. Spoilerized because the name of the skit isn't really pc.

LasVegasMichael 06-01-04 01:22 PM

I would buy Season sets in a heartbeat (preferably without the music performances, my least favorite part of the show).

I would love to see "Best of Christopher Walken" since he hosted it so many times, and was great each and every time.

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