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badlieut 05-23-04 01:28 AM

Before the Rain DVD petition PLEASE SIGN (small update post #58)
Pro-B and I have started a petition (I know...another petition) to get Universal to release Milcho Manchevski's 1994 film "Before the Rain" to DVD. Since the days of laserdisc and when the film was in Polygram's hands, I have sought to get a higher resolution video release of this amazing film. Since Polygram's library shake-up it has taken a lot of research and a lot of calls to find the rights holder. This DVD is found nowhere in the world unless you were Quentin Tarantino and begged the Macedonian government for one of the 1,000 promotional DVD copies produced by the Macedonian Ministry of Culture in August last year (those copies are all gone--I tried).

If you have never seen this film, it's an amazing work of art. It reflects the ongoing struggle in the Balkan region in a quite beautiful and moving way. The score by Anastasia is unbelievable. You owe it to yourself to at least find a VHS copy. But, please sign the petition so we can get Universal to release a DVD of this lost treasure. Maybe Criterion will also see the interest and pry this one from Universal's library since they do have a relationship.

Here's a link to Ebert's review.

Here's a link to our petition.

Thanks everyone for your help and if anyone knows a good DVD contact at Universal, please let me know. It will save that research .

http://img71.photobucket.com/albums/...ieut/rain2.jpg ;)

badlieut 05-23-04 01:09 PM


dhs122 05-23-04 01:22 PM


pro-bassoonist 05-23-04 01:58 PM

My friend Michael over at the Danish forum has kindly agreed to assist us as well and there is an active thread there. THANK YOU Michael.



badlieut 05-24-04 07:41 AM

Bumping...we've had a lot of views, but few signatures. C'mon and help us out...please?

badlieut 05-24-04 07:01 PM

Mr. Manchevski has given his approval to this petition so please help get some signatures and let your friends know. Thanks!

TomOpus 05-24-04 07:17 PM


pro-bassoonist 05-25-04 01:13 PM

as TomOpus pointed out.....perhaps the actor Williem Dafoe is IN!!


badlieut 05-25-04 02:06 PM

The Green Goblin has signed...cool! Keep those sigs coming!

Kinyo 05-25-04 04:25 PM

Signed. Hope it works!

pro-bassoonist 05-26-04 12:54 PM

An interesting article has been published in one of the daily newspapers in Macedonia regarding the ongoing petition. The article, hopefully translated this afternoon, will be posted here for those that wish to see it.


pro-bassoonist 05-28-04 12:29 PM

bump again- the article is translated and it should be up shortly.

Please support the petition!


pro-bassoonist 05-30-04 01:51 PM

We have generated a good number of signatures....

Thank you for your support, but we still need more....


I am still waiting for the translated article to be sent to me...it was promised to me last week but still... nothing....

antennaball 05-30-04 03:08 PM

Signed. Hope this works!

pro-bassoonist 06-01-04 01:30 PM

thank you for all your support again.

We still need your signatures.


badlieut 06-01-04 11:14 PM

Here's the translated article:

Americans Write Petitions to Get “Before the Rain” on DVD

After waiting patiently for a long while, a group of American film lovers and fans of “Before the Rain” by Milco Mancevski have pulled up the sleeves and initiated a petition for releasing the film on DVD.
“Before the Rain” has been distributed at US cinemas since 1995 when it was nominated for Oscar and won prestigious Independent Spirit. Even though the film has been broadcast on the US television for several times, and even though it can be found on a video tape in every shop, a DVD has not been released yet.
American fans of Mancevski’s film got in touch with Macedonian Ministry of Culture and the distributor in the United States, Universal Pictures, and after Universal Pictures did not respond to their appeal, they initiated a petition with a demand to the distributor to release the film on DVD.
The petition is circulating on Internet and those who want to sign it can find in on the link: http://www.petitiononline.com/modperl/signed.egi?BR2004

Caiser 06-02-04 04:42 AM

It’s a real pitty we couldn’t find this masterpiece film on DVD.
Actually Macedonian Ministry of culture,last year issued and produced 1.000 copies of the Milcho Manchevski’s films ( Before the Rain and Dust). But unfortunately those copies mostly were given as a promotional product and there was not much chance to be bought in the store. I was also trying to find here the double pack ( two films were produced together as 2-disc special) for a American friend but with no success.
However it is a good thing indeed to sign this petition.
Regards from Macedonia,

pro-bassoonist 06-03-04 12:35 AM

Thank's for the info Caiser....and please spread the word between your countrymen as much as possible.

We need every signature we could get!!

We just passed the 400 mark....thank you for all your support and please keep the signatures coming.


pro-bassoonist 06-04-04 12:10 AM

I have just been informed that our petition will be forwarded to the Australian-Macedonian community and hopefully we will be able to generate even more signatures.

(Special thanks to Meto from NY).


pro-bassoonist 06-04-04 06:16 PM

we have passe the 500 mark....THANK you for supporting the petition.

We need even more signatures!!


pro-bassoonist 06-08-04 01:12 AM

still looking for signatures.....and THANK YOU for your support.


pyxis 06-08-04 01:57 AM

I've been looking for this movie to come out on dvd for a LONG time. I'm a Macedonian around the Detroit area. Large Yugoslavian/Macedonian community over here. I'll see if I can get this circulated around.

Scorpio 06-08-04 02:34 AM

#563. I admire the tenacity you guys are showing to get this released. :)

pro-bassoonist 06-08-04 03:06 AM

Thank you guys for your support....


Minor Threat 06-08-04 11:21 AM


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