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broadway 02-25-04 02:49 PM

Laura (1944) on DVD?
Was this DVD actually released?

I found discussion that it was suppose to have been released in Nov 2003, but Amazon.com doesn't show it as being available?

js097 02-25-04 02:54 PM

Its release was pushed back - but no new date has been given by Fox. It is rumored to be the first release in a new Noir Studio Classics line from Fox that will be similar to the current Fox Studio Classics line of DVDs. This line would start in late 2004, according to an executive at Fox Home Video.

Duality 03-17-05 05:36 PM

Laura is here! The DVD looks great, it even includes an insert! I watched the film and one of the Biography specials last night - loved it. :) I found it at my local Best B*y.

Mr. Salty 03-17-05 06:58 PM

My Best Buy sold out of all the copies they got "really quickly" according to the guy in the DVD department. He suggested I try back on Friday, because they "might" have more. I didn't want to risk it, so I ordered it from DVD Empire. I doubt I'll have it in time for the weekend, but I'm very much looking forward to having this one early next week.

cdoug57 03-17-05 10:15 PM

Called Best Buy on Tuesday and clerk said they only had 5 copies of Laura and Call Northside 777. Asked if I was coming in before close of business, I said yes and she actually put them up and all I had to do was ask for them when I came in. Worked out nicely.

Gotta admit the disc looks great.

bhauge 03-17-05 11:51 PM

If you're a Costco member (or know someone who is) you can't beat the deal they have: get all 3 film noir titles for $17.99! See this thread for more details.

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