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Kalifornia - Unrated - added footage?

Old 12-14-03, 01:59 PM
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Kalifornia - Unrated - added footage?


i've got the r2 version of Kalifornia starring Brad Pitt and saw there was an unrated version on r1. Does anyone know what the extra minute of footage is? what difference there is in versions?

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Old 12-14-03, 02:12 PM
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From the IMDB

European release and US video/laserdisc unrated versions feature about one minute of additional violent footage not present in US theatrical R-rated version. Unrated version of sex scene between Brian and Carrie is slightly longer and more explicit than the R rated version.
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thanks guys!
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Old 12-14-03, 07:51 PM
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Is the OAR really 2:35?

I thought the MGM release said 1:85 on the box? Then again I only saw the VHS years ago. So am not aware of what the OAR is.

But I have seen both the R & Unrated versions. I saw the R rated first,then the unrated & well seeing both versions so close together. You will feel disappointed. Yet in the end the unrated version is the way to go,as that is the original intended version.

The biggest difference was the bathroom murder sequence,where in the R version you see a flash of the blade,then it abruptly cuts to outside the gas station,then deletes the entire murder sequence & aftermath.

In the Unrated version. You see Brad stab the guy repeatedly in bloody detail,it then continues on(after some intercutting outside) & he still stabs the man after he is dead,splashing blood all over himself & the bathroom while laughing like a lunatic that he is.

The other additions are all very brief material,since the bathroom murder takes up the majority of the added minute.

You see the victim crawling out of the car at the begining & dieing as Brad watches from the bridge.

Also the murder of the gas station attendent near the end of the film has a few different angles as the shotgun goes off.

There may be some more brief frames & alternate angles..but those three are what I noticed the most.

I remember the film being pretty good & would love to see it again in the correct aspect ratio.
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Old 12-14-03, 11:20 PM
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My Polygram release of the DVD says 2:35...and that it's the OAR.
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the movie was shot super 35 (where you can see more of the picture then in the oar, but you may see stuff that was not intended to be seen)
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There's a couple more seconds of thrusting in the first motel sex scene- that was the only difference I noticed.
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I also noticed the thrusting...

Top notch thrusting it was!
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can someone confirm that there are english captions inculded in the R1...there's nothing listed in the dvdcomapre website.
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