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MikeyGaGa0713 11-30-03 03:07 PM

Is everyone really going to rebuy all their movies in HD-DVD?
Hi I am kinda worried now, DVD has only been around for a few years reall,(rather vhs has been a lot longer)but all this talk about HD-DVD is getting me worried, its coming out in only like 2 years?, can it really be that much better?, people with 100's of dvds are gunna rebuy all of them? and dvds will turn into the now VHS?,Hopefully it will flop like Laserdisc,etc....

rushmore223 11-30-03 03:12 PM

As long as it is Bacwards compatible, I'll be happy. I have about 85 Laserdiscs, and I only felt the need to update some of my titles to DVD. If they have something substantial to offer in a new version I may get a HD version. But very few films that I own do I feel the need to upgrade to High Def, with about 300 DVD's in my collection I wouldnt even begin to think about upgrading my library.

HDDVD will scucceed only if

1. The players are backwards compatible.

2. The discs are dirt cheap like DVD is now (Somehow I doubt this one)

and of course,

3. They offer something you cannot get on regular DVD, the average consumer is not going to care about the added picture clarity, as most people do not have high Definition TVs and wont for some time. And people love DVD, Just like they love CD's just cause a new format comes out does not mean they will abandon the media.

MikeyGaGa0713 11-30-03 03:15 PM

I mena how much more better could it really be? for me watching a dvd on a regular TV is fine Its more about the movie then getting the best picture possible.

HistoryProf 11-30-03 03:17 PM


Sessa17 11-30-03 03:19 PM

Originally posted by MikeyGaGa0713
I mena how much more better could it really be? for me watching a dvd on a regular TV is fine Its more about the movie then getting the best picture possible.
I haven't been following any of the HD-DVD rumors, so I admit I don't know much about it. But I agree, "how much more better could it really be"? I have a 51 inch HD-TV, a kick ass receiver & HT set-up I really don't need, & more importantly have no desire for anything better.

D-Ball 11-30-03 03:21 PM

No. I might replace a few, but I still plan on having dvds as the backbone of my movie collection.

Seeker 11-30-03 03:24 PM

Nope - it's good enough. I may get NEW stuff with HD-DVD, but DVD works for most of my collection.

babka 11-30-03 03:28 PM

Going from VHS to DVD was a large and completely different step and consumers could see a clear benefit.

1. DVD's were digital (no lose in quality after so many watchings),br> 2. Twice the resolution of a VHS tape.
3. Better then CD quality sound. (people could relate to CD quality sound versus tapes as they already had CD's)
4. No need to rewind (Be kind rewind :p )
5. Bonus features up the wazoo
6. Nice packaging (4 color picture printing on disks versus text lable on tape)
7. Able to play in computers, car decks, laptops, ect.
8. Chapter markings
9. Audio Commentaries
10. Subtitles
11. Multiple languages

All these things made for a huge leap in value on the part of DVD's. However besides a resolution and color gain I can't see HDDVD's having as good of a sales pitch. Truth is for the first time in a long time people are now seeing the full power of their TV's resolution with the advent DVD's. For most people it's good enough. To introduce a new format less then a decade after the previous could be a downfall.

For that comment I'd like to reference CD's that were debuted in 1979. 23 years ago. They are still going strong and nothing has really "replaced" CDs in the year 2003

gutwrencher 11-30-03 03:31 PM

yer stressing for no reason. relax. I will have around 2,000 titles or more, by the time HD-DVD gets here. replacing every title is crazy talk. I will replace maybe about 100 films....depends. films from my current library like Blood Freak, Aswang, She-Devils On Wheels, Scum Of the Earth...and about 1,000 others...will never see HD and will have no need to be released in the format. selected titles that will benefit only...thanks.

Kinyo 11-30-03 03:57 PM

I will just replace the ones that I need to but if a DVD is already pretty good I see no need to replace it.

vivarey 11-30-03 03:59 PM

Maybe you should ask this question in about 5 years, when they have already re-released most of our DVDs 2 or 3 times over on HD-DVD.

yojimbo1 11-30-03 04:31 PM

well I think it will be more than 5 years before that happens but yes I will buy. I think most of us here know that hd blows away the quality of dvd. Of course I'll wait for the technology to show up and see it in action but yes i forsee myself replacing most of my discs

matome 11-30-03 04:32 PM


RevKarl 11-30-03 04:42 PM

Right after I finish replacing all my CDs with SACDs...Not!

Dazed 11-30-03 04:45 PM

Nope, not interested in HD at moment. If and When I go HD i'll start by buying new films rather than spending money replacing old ones.

GmoneyOwnsYou 11-30-03 04:53 PM

No, definatly not. I havent even replaced half my VHSs and I dont plan to. I will only replace my favorite movies like Ghostbusters. But if its not backwards compatible I dont see it being as successful as DVD. DVD to me, is as good as it gets.

Josh-da-man 11-30-03 04:59 PM


1. A lot of the films I'm into probably won't benefit much from HD transfers. I'm talking older, low budget, and/or arthouse types of movies. DVD already has a pretty hard inclination toward big loud action movies, and I would expect HD-DVD to be moreseo slanted toward stuff like "Fast and Furious."

2. Remember how stupid everyone acted when DVD came out? How many years did it take Fox, Paramount, and Dreamworks to start releasing DVDs? DVD has been around for six/seven years now and STILL no "Star Wars" OT? At that rate, it'll take Lucas another decade to put his stuff out. Remember when Steven Spielberg would'nt release his movies on DVD until there x amount of players?

3. Will HD-DVD transfers necessarily be better? Look at how many DVD transfers suck ass now? How will EE look in Hi-Def? Someone authoring DVDs must love that shit, so I'd expect it to be marring HD-DVD as well. How many DVD transfers were just recycled LD transfers? How do we know half of the HD-DVD discs won't just be rehashed LD/DVD transfers?

atari2600 11-30-03 05:01 PM

i just hope its backwards compatible. i wouldnt mind buying hd dvds but i dont want to replace all my dvds. $$$

jasonnaper 11-30-03 06:22 PM


QuiGonJosh 11-30-03 06:32 PM

Im pretty happy with just DVD and dont see (maybe im blind) the difference...

wmunn 11-30-03 06:34 PM

Think about the quality of the original film prints? How many of them would benefit from an HD transfer? I am willing to be most people will simply keep their current DVD collection, and start buying the "NEW" stuff on the HD format. I see no reason to replace any of my current collection simply to have it in a different format. Odds are the next couple of formats will be backward compatible with the venerable DVD format.

QuiGonJosh 11-30-03 06:45 PM

and HDDVD aint gonna be mainstream til at least 2008 anyway...

Sonicflood 11-30-03 06:55 PM


CarpeDVD 11-30-03 07:14 PM

I'll replace some titles and buy new ones in HDDVD if the price is reasonable. as stated before it really depends on the transfer. if the time is spent into cleaning up a movie and releasing it into HD, it may be wirth it, but most films out now don't look as good as they could on the current format, so...

SilverScreen 11-30-03 07:27 PM

Not a chance... I may replace a few but in all seriousness, the verdict is still out on even that....

I think the points made in regards to the huge number of benefits provided by upgrading from VHS to DVD are the most valid...

I simply can't see HD-DVD becoming the norm until years from now (and by then something else will have come along)... maybe I'm wrong but I truly think benefits and cost dictate an upgrade in standard within the marketplace. In this case there just isn't enough meat there to change my diet.

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