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What "wierd" thing do you do with your DVDs that makes others say "huh?"

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What "wierd" thing do you do with your DVDs that makes others say "huh?"

Old 01-13-03, 02:46 PM
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What "wierd" thing do you do with your DVDs that makes others say "huh?"

While I don't think what I do is odd, my wife and others seem to think I'm strange or anal for organizing my DVDs alphabetically (like it's some major task and a waste of time).

I only have about 150, but I organize everything alphabetically. I have my non-movie titles on a separate shelf (South Park episodes, Imax, etc.), and kids movies on a separate shelf, too.

But I've seen some folks organize by studio or director (that makes me say "HUH"?)

Anyone else do something with their DVDs that make friends/relatives think you're nuts?
Old 01-13-03, 02:55 PM
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[...and i'm being serious here]

I take care of 'em. But, then again, this happens with all the stuff I own [DVDs, CDs, Comics]. I'm trying to figure out why people think this is weird*.

[*Well, not people here on DVD Talk. ]
Old 01-13-03, 02:56 PM
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Organizing by studio, type of release, or case seems more to serve the aesthetic quality of a collection, which, although I admit is important, is far below contents of a collection and ease of use ("Drat! What studio put out On the Waterfront!").

I organize everything alphabetically. It's just the easiest way. I think organizing by director is cool, but who directed Anatomy? Back to School? Rounders? Three Amigos? Snow White?

Some movies, I don't know that information offhand (although browsing through my collection I was surprised to find out exactly how many I did know (90%+).
Old 01-13-03, 02:58 PM
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i organize all mine alphabeticaly and i have separate section for kids movies that are also in alphabetical order. i don't think this is weird though, it makes it a lot easier to find the dvds
Old 01-13-03, 03:21 PM
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Alphabetical here as well. Much, much easier that way.
Old 01-13-03, 03:21 PM
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People always says "Huh" when I tell them that I will not let them borrow any because I do not want scratches or dings on them. They think I am crazy! 270+ DVD's and only 1 got lent to a friend and would you know it, scratches! Never again... a tad bit anal huh?
Old 01-13-03, 03:25 PM
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Highly Illogical...

I'm considering re-arranging them by height. ButI haven't settled on a single system, but I keep certain directors' work together (e.g., Hitchcock, Bergman). I also sometimes do this with the work of particular actors'. Mostly I break things down by genre, trying to put make neighbors of similar genres. The only tv stuff I have is Star Trek and Robotech so those go together as a "subsection" in science fiction. Then Dark City is sandwiched between science fiction and my noir/neo-noir/ersatz-noir section just as a segue. So I do a lot of that and the chaos seems to work. Though it's so intuitive that the exact positions change periodically.
Old 01-13-03, 03:30 PM
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Mine go:
Criterions by spine number
Disney chronologically
Ghibli chronologically
All other animated alphabetically
Everything else alphabetically

And yes, my wife thinks I'm mad...........

Old 01-13-03, 03:43 PM
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Alphabetical does not do anything for me at all. for me, it messes up my system more than helps. so maybe I'm wierd for arranging by genre first, then directors. other titles may just go in the "others" section. I know where every one of my dvds are located and could find them blindfolded.

I used to smell my lp jackets...but getting a whif of a dvd is not as satisfying.

I let nobody touch my discs....not my wife...not my friends. they accuse me of being like a security guard when anyone is even near my dvd vault door. it's a guided tour only!!

I also was called strange once because while out shopping for films....I was seen holding the dvd close to my ear....giving it a little shake. when I was asked by an employee what the hell I was doing, I told him it's because I didnt trust the employees who toss around product like footballs. I told him about loose discs...and saw a few other shoppers start to shake and listen. he then walked off in a huff, mumbling something about me "stirring the pot".
Old 01-13-03, 03:47 PM
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Re: What "wierd" thing do you do with your DVDs that makes others say "huh?"

Originally posted by SleepyW
Anyone else do something with their DVDs that make friends/relatives think you're nuts?
I get strange looks when I sleep with my DVDs.

Perhaps I've said too much
Old 01-13-03, 04:08 PM
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I never organized my CDs or DVDs by alphabetical order. I prefer to keep them organized by genre, then within each genre, I will group the DVDs together in sub genres (like in my comedy shelving, I have my teen comedies all together, my comedies based on TV shows all together, my music comedies all together, and so on in each genre) and I will keep movies organized in those sub genres by director. At the beginning of my comedy section, I have my indy comedies, and near those are my Kevin Smith directed comedies. When a director does a cross over type movie (such as the case with Tim Burton) then I don't keep all my Tim Burton movies together, but all my Tim Burton comedies are together.

Somehow, to me, this kind of organization makes it MUCH easier to find movies I want to see and the types of movies I want to see. It would drive me crazy to have Clerks in one part of my collection and have to go to another shelf to find Mallrats. I am not a video store, I don't have to alphabetize for anybody else. They way I organize them makes it easier on ME, and it also makes it way easier to put movies away when I get new ones in my collection, because I don't have to worry about shifting 20 shelves of all my movies, just the genre I am putting the movies in.
Old 01-13-03, 04:14 PM
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mine are organized by date of release....from Gone With the Wind to The Good Girl.....i used to have them by genre, but that was too hard to keep track of. I just like looking through them by year like that....I also have Criterions in a separate rack organized by spine # along with Kubrick and Hitchock films. And there is a small rack of kiddie flicks by the tv for the kids. those are in no particular order, because it just doesn't matter - they get scattered daily as it is
Old 01-13-03, 04:17 PM
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I am not a video store, I don't have to alphabetize for anybody else.
EXACTLY!! at last I agree with someone on the organization of a collection. besides, if mine WERE alphabetical....it would look like crap. at least thats the case with a large collection.
Old 01-13-03, 04:21 PM
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I keep it simple. Divided into genres, random after that. That way if a guest expresses interest in watching a DVD I tell them to go look for it. They often see one or more other titles that pique their interest more. It's my way of exposing them to new films.
Old 01-13-03, 04:25 PM
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I don't have them organized in any way whatsoever; having them all mixed up makes me more likely to pick different movies.

Back on topic: No one understands why DVD Profiler is so much fun.
Old 01-13-03, 04:27 PM
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Hmmm come out of the closet on what I do with my dvds in the closet? I don't think so............ah what the hell.

I have my snappers in alphabetical order (one of these days i'll conver those snappers all too amray cases). Then come all my non-snappers in alphabetical order. Keep weird cardboard cases seperate, such as fight club, band of brothers etc seperate along with season sets.

Now i'm goign back to my closet to play with my precious collection.

Old 01-13-03, 04:31 PM
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I wash them ...

I don't know how many DVDs I have, but I assume it's somewhere just shy of 1000. Therefore, organizing alphabetically creates a space problem and is just an annoyance, so I have different sized shelving systems in various places that handle my odd organization.

I have some smaller shelves that run about 8-10 discs wide and are good for the work of certain directors - those films are organized by release order. I have larger shelves that are more like 20 discs wide that are good for animated films or sports films or documentaries or war films or musicals or whatever; each genre gets a shelf and is organized alphabetically. TV Shows and Box Sets are off on their own and positioned for display, since they look so cool that way. Then I have a larger shelving system that holds about 80 discs per shelf: I have one shelf for Criterion releases, one for Sci-Fi, another for Horror, a couple for Comedy, and the rest for Everything Else (Drama, Action, Adventure, etc ... all those films cross many genres anyway). Criterions are ordered by spine number; everything else alphabetically.

I guess that's a wacky system, but it works for me and looks good. The main frustration is something like Chasing Amy which is both Criterion and Kevin Smith. Criterion trumps everything, then director groups, then sub-genre. A war comedy is a War Film. A war film by Kubrick is a Kubrick Film. My biggest issue is space, so splitting my collection into many smaller groups provides me a lot of flexibility.

Old 01-13-03, 04:34 PM
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I keep the top sticker label with the name/upc for every dvd I purchase. Just fold it up and slide it in with the Inserts. Everyone thinks I'm crazy (and probably am), but when they learn they can send those in instead of hacking up the dvd cover for a rebate/freebie (most of them take these), they dont think its that crazy anymore.
Old 01-13-03, 04:55 PM
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Mine are just organized by genre, which doesn't give anyone pause...they do, however, think i'm crazy for owning so many.
Old 01-13-03, 04:58 PM
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Um, I've been known to "rewind" them.

Waaaaay back when I had a couple of hundred cassette tapes, on really boring, *cough* lonely, rainy days, I would go through my tapes and rewind them all to side A. When I moved to CDs, I couldn't rewind them, so I had to settle for turning all the CDs right-side up in the case. You see where this is going?

Anyway, I haven't done it lately, but it has made people look at me funny when I mention it. I've only mentioned it to friends that won't ever disown me, but hey. And now you people! Dontcha feel special?

Gonna go get a life now.
Old 01-13-03, 05:19 PM
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I like to throw them all on the floor and roll around naked in them. A partner makes it even more fun.

Old 01-13-03, 05:19 PM
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i saw in another thread that someone joked about doing their's color coordinated because they are a superstar, and at the moment i am pondering doing this.

current set up:
i go by studio alpha with the titles from each studio alpha
criterions at the end of that by spine
non snapper/keepcase dvds alpha
movie box sets slpha
tv box sets alpha

single / double slim keepcases by color (possibly white-->yellow-->green-->blue-->purple-->red-->orange-->brown-->gray-->black if someone has a better spectrum please post)
snappers by color
non snapper/keepcase (pulp fiction ce, jackie brown, etc) by color
doubles and triples by color
movie box sets by size or alpha
tv box sets by size or alpha

any thoughts on this? and which do you folks think would go better for the box sets?
Old 01-13-03, 05:43 PM
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I'll dust 'em off every week.
Old 01-13-03, 05:56 PM
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People think it's strange that I leave many of my DVD's in their shrink wrap (never opened) for fear a better release will come out and I'll need to exchange it. Oh GOD! Help me....

(I just wonder how http://www.fear.com would kill me with THAT one....)
Old 01-13-03, 06:10 PM
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I too have had people look at me weird cause I alphabetized my collection. Still don't know what is so wrong with that. I mean, I do that with my CDs as well. How can I keep track of over 1000 CDs any other way?
Though, people have looked at me even more strangely cause I bought Snapper Box Sleeves for all my DVDs that came in snapper type cases. Got these from Bags Unlimited. Ok, so yeah..that might be a bit odd, but damnit, I want my DVDs to stay looking new.
Oh yeah...and the 3rd thing that people always think I'm crazy for doing.... When I buy a boxset or slipcase that I can take the DVD out without having to fully remove the original package wrapping, I will only rip that portion out and slip out the DVD. For example, my X-Files Season boxsets. I just open it from the bottom and slip the disks out to view.
....is that strange? I know I'm not the only one who does this....or am I?
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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