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goatweed 02-12-02 10:49 PM

Need a little help - Evil Dead related...
Ok, I've gone through most of the threads that I could find pertaining to my question, so please be assured that I tried to get the "answer" for myself.

I'm looking to pick up ED, ED2 and AOD on dvd - and apparently this is way much easier said than done. There are a gazillion versions of each movie out, either with different extras or movie quality, etc. What I would like to know is what do the dvd-philes and ED fans feel are the best versions to own? I'm more concerned about having the movie look and sound as good as possible, so if its a matter of getting one version for a documentary, I'd pass on it. My problem is I don't want to buy a version of ED, only to find out that a newer version (or even older) is better in visual as well as audio quality. These movoes rock, and I just want the best versions of them available.

Also, I read somewhere that there might be a 4 disc box set coming in the summer with all three movies and a bonus disc? Yet another version? What to do...what to do...

Thanks for any and all input from you guys!

Josh-da-man 02-13-02 12:50 AM


There are currently three versions of this you should look into.

First, there's the Elite disc. Full-frame transfer, special edition.

Then, Anchor Bay is putting out its own SE. A regular edition, and a limited "Book of the Dead" edition. Both editions feature most, if not all, of the same special features as are found on the Elite SE. Both editions feature a new widescreen transfer. There's been much debate about whether or not this movie should be in the widescreen ratio. The "Book of the Dead" edition will contain the same ED disc as the standard edition, plus a second exclusive disc with a documentary and "Fanalysis" -- a Bruce Campbell-created documentary on "Evil Dead" fans.

The reviews of the new transfer have been mixed so far.

Which one you get is up to you. Me, I'm happy with the Elite disc.


Anchor Bay has put out three editions of this.

The first is Out-of-Print. A non-anamorphic, bare-bones disc.

AB also has a SE of ED2. Anamorphic transfer, special features. The works. Available in a keepcase, or a limited edition tin. The tin contained the exact same disc (sans the keepcase and keepcase cover) and a rather unremarkable chapbook.

The one you'll likely want is the SE. Don't bother with the tin unless you absolutely must have it.


Five releases of this puppy.

1) Universal release. Non-anamorphic. Non-SE. Don't bother.

2) Anchor Bay release. Anchor Bay put out a Army of Darkness theatrical cut. Excellent transfer, a few features.

3) Anchor Bay limited two-disc set. These go four big bucks on Ebay. Disc one is the same as the AB theatrical disc. Disc two is the Director's cut, with a commentary and other features. The transfer on the DC isn't so hot, though.

4) Anchor Bay limited edition Director's cut. Same as the second disc of the two-disc set. Again, the transfer of the DC isn't so hot.

5) Anchor Bay "Bootleg" Director's cut. Third release of the DC. Essentially the same as the above two DCs, only not limited. Transfer still not so hot.

If you're looking for the best available transfers regardless of features, then you'd probably want to get either the Elite ED or the AB standard ED -- but do some research first. Anchor Bay's SE of ED2 is what you'll want to get -- probably the only version of this film that's still in print, so that shouldn't be much of a decision. And you'll probably want the Theatrical cut of "Army of Darkness," unless you're interested in the Director's cut (though the transfer isn't so good).

Lothem 02-13-02 01:00 AM

Ok, here is the beef as far as I know. The only planned ED release coming sson is the Book of the Dead edition ED1, I haven't heard anyhting about a boxset. As for the options to get:
Evil Dead 1: There are 3 versions I know about. One is the Elite Edition, this one has the girl being pulled underground on the cover. This one WAS the one to have. Another edition has a clear plastic amaray and can be found dirt cheap. I am unsure if the picture and sound quality is better than the elite edition, but that all doesn't matter because next month, the Evil Dead:Book of the Dead edition comes out, and although it's costly, the transfer is supposed to be amazing. Look for that one.
Evil Dead 2: There are 3 to my knowledge. 1 is out of print and had the skull with the eyeballs on the cover. Don't bother with it. Then they made a nice edition that you can still find everywhere with the "Kiss Your Nerves Goodbye" artwork, that would be the one to get. The third is an aluminum tin with that same dvd in it only better packaging and a neato book. I don't know if you can still find it, but if you don't want the book don't bother.
Army of Darkness: Here's the biggie. It looks like there were 4 versions made, 2 of which are avilable now. First, there was the two disc set. That was limited a few years back and now you're looking at around 100 bucks for it. The first disc was the movie and a documentry and the second disc was the directors cut of the movie and a commentary. The next version had the screaming Ash head on the cover and was exactly disc one of the two disc set. That one is still everywhere, and is probably the best to have. The third version was also limited and had gold trim and the very buff Ash cover. This was exactly disc two the the two disc set. The fourth edition it the bootleg cut and, I think (I don't own it), it the same as the gold one and the second disc of the two disc set. Get that one if you want the directors cut, get the screaming ash one if you want the regular cut. I think they both cost around the same.
I think that is it. that was a really long post.

Lothem 02-13-02 01:02 AM

I think you posted that post like two seconds before me. Dick.

djtoell 02-13-02 01:17 AM

Originally posted by Lothem
i hope you're kidding around. please use smilies to indicate so in the future as it's not always obvious when people are only joking.


goatweed 02-13-02 08:34 AM

Thanks for the replies! I've got a b-day coming up, and people were asking what I wanted - and I've really been meaning to get these movies, but as I said, the confusion is just surmounting with all of the various editions of each movie.

Thanks again for the help guys!

Lothem 02-14-02 08:20 AM

Sorry, I just hate smiley faces. I hoped you got the sarcasm in it. Just pay no attention to anything I say.

Rico Diablo 02-14-02 12:55 PM

There needs to be a one and only thread for the Evil Dead Series.

Permanent: You may never start a new thread that is related to this subject. These threads have been created because they are very subject specific, do not create a lot of discussion and yet still inspire multiple threads. Generally, the idea is to keep a wealth of fairly specific information collected in a single thread.
This is a good general description of each version, but the specifics of each should be included as well as jpgs of each cover.

And then put it all in one thread and seal it shut. Until the next versions come out. And the next...

Because these discs do get confusing.

Darth O 02-14-02 03:39 PM


I agree, all those versions can get confusing. I've almost completed a DVD Reissues list on my site. Hopefully it will help out.


Robyn ;]

Adboy151 02-14-02 03:48 PM

Originally posted by Danger1313
There needs to be a one and only thread for the Evil Dead Series.

This is a good general description of each version, but the specifics of each should be included as well as jpgs of each cover.

And then put it all in one thread and seal it shut. Until the next versions come out. And the next...

Because these discs do get confusing.

If someone wants to take the initiative and research, feel free. ;)

We'll add it to the list.

xfilekr 02-14-02 03:52 PM

(that site listed above is really neat!)

goatweed 02-14-02 10:32 PM

Robyn, awesome site! Not just for my purposes, but as a whole! An excellent source of re-issue information, thanks!!!

Darth O 02-14-02 11:07 PM

Thank you for the kind words ;)


BettiePage 02-25-02 03:50 AM

Is the ED Book of the Dead, Letterbox or Widescreen?
I have the Elite version and ordered it the new version coming out since it's WS and DTS. But is it just cropped to make it look widescreen?

Anchor Bay also has released Evil Dead in Full Frame Stero. So there are a total of 2 versions out now but soon to grow to 4.

Hollow Man 02-25-02 08:23 AM

Bruce Campbell oversaw the production of the new disc, where it was matted in order to preserve the way the film probably looked when it was released in theater.

It was originally filmed full frame, however, and most people seem to enjoy that version a bit better.


jhansla 08-10-02 01:58 PM

Army of Darkness! Which Version??
I was looking on amazon.com so i can order the 2 disk set of army of darkness. I gathered it was the dearest one but im not sure
Could someone please post a link to the 2 disk version?

Snake Plissken 08-10-02 02:19 PM


One problem.... its out of print.

jhansla 08-10-02 02:27 PM

theres a picture of that one on there site thats $22
says there only 5 left
If i can't get that what version should i get?

UAIOE 08-10-02 05:13 PM

Theatrical Edition (screaming Ash & a deadite on the cover)
The Bootleg edition

those two combined make up that special 2-disc edition.

I think we need a FAQ about the AoD DVD's.

jhansla 08-10-02 05:29 PM

i'm not that big of a fan to go and buy the film twice. Although this is the best on the series (the first two were appauling in my oppinion). What is the best one out of the two you have just said?

UAIOE 08-10-02 05:50 PM

The two really go hand in hand.

The bootleg edition is the directors cut...it has some extended scenes its like 15 minutes longer and has the orginal ending.

The Anchor Bay theatrical version is the version everyone has pretty much seen plus the orginal ending is on it as a extra.

But if you dont like the movie enough to want to see both cuts I'd just get the theatrical version.

Snake Plissken 08-10-02 06:27 PM

Originally posted by jhansla
theres a picture of that one on there site thats $22

Nope, thats not the same one. Its an earlier crappy one.

jhansla 08-10-02 10:35 PM

are both endings on the directors cut?

UAIOE 08-10-02 11:41 PM

no, just the orginal ending...not the theatrical "S-Mart" ending

evenswr 08-11-02 08:51 AM

My favorite thread returns!

Look here or here or here or here.
Or, better yet, try here.

You are required to own these two:



Luckily, these are probably the only ones you're likely to find. When I first started investigating AOD, I had to choose between the second one above and these others:



From what I understand, #1 is a direct replacement for #3 and #2 is a much better version of #4. All clear? Now, let's not see another of these "Which version of AOD is best?" threads... Maybe it's time for a ONE AND ONLY WHICH VERSION OF ARMY OF DARKNESS SHOULD I GET thread...

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