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rjh_54 09-30-14 07:01 PM

Orange Dot Sticker on DVDs?
I was at Best Buy and I bought a DVD (a season set) that was on sale. I noticed that on the back cover there was a circular orange sticker stuck right on the paper, not the case itself. I inspected it and it seemed factory sealed (the white security tape on top, and the annoying type of shrinkwrap that is glued onto the spine of the case). Since it was the last copy I decided I wasn't going to be fussy about it and try my luck and see if it would come off. It did come off, but there's still some sticky residue left on the insert. I've since seen some DVDs in other stores with these "orange dot" stickers on the DVD's inserts. Does anybody know what these stickers are?

joliom 10-02-14 01:36 PM

Re: Orange Dot Sticker on DVDs?
I've never seen that before. Personally, though, I never buy DVD's or Blu-rays with stickers affixed to the cover insert - not even when they are UPC stickers. If I ever accidentally buy one, I return it. If they can't be bothered to put the sticker on the plastic, then I can't be bothered to buy their disc.

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