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Mosconebailbond 10-23-12 08:03 AM

The Hobbit (1977) Warner amary case
Can anyone please tell me if the Warner Hobbit DVD release from 2001 which originally came in a snapper case was replaced by an Amary version in the US at a later date?

I bought one recently on Amazon UK and was expecting the old style Warner snapper case, instead it came in a clear amary, with double sided artwork.

It was also factory sealed which aroused suspicion to whether it was a genuine Warner relase.


Trevor 10-23-12 12:52 PM

Re: The Hobbit (1977) Warner amary case
I've only ever seen in it a snapper, but that probably doesn't mean a whole lot.

milo bloom 10-23-12 05:27 PM

Re: The Hobbit (1977) Warner amary case
I'm not certain, but I feel like I've seen the animated Lord of the Rings in a keepcase, so it's not unreasonable to think it might have been re-issued.

All the time during the Jackson films, I kept thinking it would be a great time to re-release the animated trilogy in a nice boxset, and The Hobbit especially needs a re-do since some of the audio FX are missing.

thetao 10-24-12 01:57 AM

Re: The Hobbit (1977) Warner amary case
You bought it from Amazon UK, and it was still a region 1 disk?

I recently bought a Warner DVD from Australia. While the US disk was a snapper, the region 4 disk was packaged just as you describe, in a clear Amaray case with artwork and a chapter list on the inside.

Mosconebailbond 10-24-12 03:43 AM

Re: The Hobbit (1977) Warner amary case

I bought it from a 3rd party seller on Amazon UK. Came just as you described, in a clear amary with chapter list in the inside.

It was also in a factory seal which aroused my suspicion it was bogus as it's been oop for a while, I have seen plenty of 2nd hand/refurbished CDs, dvds etc in the same factory seal in local pound stores.

Having bought thousands of dvds over the years, something about it just did not feel right.

milo bloom 10-26-12 10:45 AM

Re: The Hobbit (1977) Warner amary case
Care to post any pics? Sometimes we can get an idea by how it looks.

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