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kd5 10-17-12 03:57 PM

I need an Alpha amaray case
Some have referred to them as "alpha" cases, they're the amaray cases which house 2 DVDs in separate compartments, resembling the older Director's Cuts of the Star Trek movies.

I bought a used copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (BBC miniseries) in a so-called "alpha" case, but one of the seams is splitting (dammit!). I'd like to replace the case but I have no idea where to find a replacement case (I believe this particular case type has been discontinued). It would need to be the same type case to fit the existing artwork and have clips inside the front cover to hold the liner notes.

With the volume of people here who like to remove their DVDs from the cases and put them in binders, I thought maybe someone might have an "alpha" case they aren't using anymore. I won't pay big bucks for one though, if it comes to that I'll make do with this one, just treat it gently.

Thanks for the consideration, -kd5-

milo bloom 10-19-12 10:45 AM

Re: I need an Alpha amaray case
I have a few, pm me with your address.

kd5 10-20-12 07:30 AM

Re: I need an Alpha amaray case
PM sent, thank you Milo. -kd5-

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