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cie37 07-18-11 02:56 PM

DVD case for Murdoch Mysteries S2 and S3 US R1
Does anyone know who makes these cases for these particular DVD releases?

I have contacted Acorn Media for the name of their supplier so I can order some of these cases but I have not received a response.

The case I believe is a standard size single sized dvd case but with an 2 inserts for 4 discs.

Neither the front inside nor the back inside of the case holds any discs. The inserts are double-sided and each spindle on the inserts holds the four individual discs. I also like the finish on these cases better than what I have seen from ordering from tapestockonline or us plastics. The inserts are small and compact vs. being the same width and height of the whole case.


If anyone can advise, that'd be great. I'd like to order some of these particular cases.

Thanks, E

thetao 07-19-11 06:30 PM

Re: DVD case for Murdoch Mysteries S2 and S3 US R1
I've gotten fairly good at "guess the case manufacturer". The hub/spindle design is the critical factor, and while I can't completely make this out in your photo, do they match the hubs pictured in my earlier thread: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/dvd-talk-co...rrow-hubs.html ? (Also check the linked page for alternate Viva hub designs.) Unfortunately, if I'm right, the followup in my thread still applies: I would be astounded if you could find exact replacements. :(

If these aren't Viva cases, did you check the inside of the case for writing (particularly the inner spine)? My second guess would be Scanavo, and Scanavo nearly always marks their cases.

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