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Absolutely Clear Cases

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Absolutely Clear Cases

I just got a dvd set that has a defective hub. It doesn't hold the dvd quite as well as it's supposed to, which lets the dvd fall out of it's place every now and then. I need to get a new clear slim case, but all the cases I've seen online (at least from the little pics on the websites), were only slightly clear. I need a double disc slim case that's completely clear. The artwork on the cover shows through the case since the case is completely clear. If it helps this was on the cases.....HC68. I don't know what it means. I googled it but couldn't find anything. Anyone know where to get double disc slim absolutely clear dvd cases ?
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Re: Absolutely Clear Cases

I don't know where to buy any but I have a few of them. you are talking about ThinPaks right? If not I also have single width amaray cases that are clear doubles also. PM me your address and I will ship one your way for free
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Re: Absolutely Clear Cases

When you say "absolutely clear cases", the first thing that comes to mind is the "super jewel box" polyethylene (?) cases from vendors like XXX. But I don't think that's what you mean, and I've never seen these in a thinpak. I just went through my collection and didn't find any HC68's, but also couldn't find any that didn't allow reading the artwork through the inside of the case. The plastic isn't crystal clear, like the front and back of a jewel box, but slightly cloudy like that of a squeeze ketchup bottle. All my clear thinpaks are made from polypropylene and carry a "5 PP" recycling designation. If you have a clear, squeeze ketchup bottle with the same marking, that's likely what you'd be getting. Sleevetown above sells them, as does GenesysDTP and others. You may even be able to buy a 10-pack from your local discount store or office supply store. (But these may be 2xDVD cases?) Hopefully I haven't missed the mark.

(Sorry, the stupid web site won't let me post links, and I don't feel like trying to trick it. Guess that's what I get for being helpful...)

At the risk of changing the conversation, JJE-187, I am looking for clear double Amaray cases myself. These are the original Amaray cases with the yin/yang, 2-button, "Push Here" releases, plus spine clips for a flip-out tray, to hold one or more additional disks. (Not the Amaray II.) I can buy them from TapeandMedia.com, but I don't need 100. So far the only vendors I've found who sell them in smaller quantities are in the UK. May I ask where you bought yours?
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Re: Absolutely Clear Cases

I didn't buy them anywhere. i just got them from buying movies and didn't want the cases. I keep clear ones in case anyone needs them. I don't have any with the yin yang push button thingy, I only have the solid push button and I only have one of those
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