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Question about the Dollars movies (A Fistful/For a Few) SEs

I remember buying The Good, the Bad and the Ugly SE when it came out, the white cover that's made of thick cardboard type, and you can open apart the two sides which are unconnected and one side had the movie disc the other the extras, some of the lobby cards in there and the booklet, very nice.

Then i bought the For a Few Dollars More SE today except it was a snapper case with the slip cover on it, had the booklet but no lobby cards.

Was this special packaging done only for GBU and not the other 2 Dollars movies? Or did they have it before but now they replaced with this packaging? I would have liked the nicer packaging obviously but i don't mind as much, except for the omitted lobby cards.
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Re: Question about the Dollars movies (A Fistful/For a Few) SEs

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly was released by itself a few years ago as the new extended version. This was the one in the special packaging. A few years after that, all 3 films were rereleased as special editions and TGTBTU was repackaged to match the other 2.

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Old 04-05-09, 02:37 AM   #3
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Re: Question about the Dollars movies (A Fistful/For a Few) SEs

I see, no worries then. I wonder why they didn't get the same special packaging.
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