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Raw_and_Vital 08-11-08 01:29 PM

Dvd Cases
Hope this is the correct forum for this type of post...

Does anyone have any knowledge of a site that offers cheap or fair prices on dvd cases. I'm also looking for box set blank cases.

I am backing up a lot of my collection and I'm going to have multiple discs per movie/tv show. I wanted to find a way to keep them in one case like a box set is. Any info would be great.

I guess i'm looking for a site similar to how monoprice.com has great deals on cables/etc.

nemein 08-11-08 01:47 PM

<i>Mod note: Moved to the cases forum.

For everyone, just a side note while "backup" copies are legal AFAIK we still generally/usually shy away from such conversations since it obviously can encompass illegal actions as well. Please keep the thread on the topic of the cases and not the DVDs themselves.


bunnydojo 08-11-08 11:05 PM

It's not a site, but I have a variety of cases available in this thread:

The 4-disc ones that are the same width as single-disc cases have been particularly fantastic for me on TV sets.

cisco1959 08-12-08 06:14 PM

This site is pretty good, I get all of my cases from here:


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