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Imail724 10-29-07 05:32 PM

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Hello, I was wondering if any one had a good scan of the artwork on the slipcase of the two-disc special edition? I basically want the front, back and spine, enough to fit in a standard keepcase. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could get that to me. Let me know, thanks!

joliom 11-02-07 07:29 PM

Are you just looking for a custom cover you can use or does it have to be a scan of the existing box art? And if it has to be a scan, can it be a scan of the cover itself, or does it have to be the actual slip cover?

Imail724 11-02-07 07:33 PM

Well, it could be custom, but I would like to have the information on the back. For example, I found this, but not only is it not the right size to print, but it doesn't have the synopsis or the special features or any of the other bs that's on the back.

joliom 11-08-07 04:08 AM

I thought I had one saved, but I guess not. Sorry.

corockymtnhi 11-18-07 01:12 AM

I have what you're looking for. I scanned (at 300dpi) the front, the back and the spine of the Cuckoo's Nest box and combined them into one 3240x2175 graphic which, when printed and trimmed, fits into a standard keepcase. I also scanned the chapter listings and made a two-sided insert for the keepcase. I've done the same thing with several other of the old Warner 2-disc sets that came in those crummy cardboard boxes (i.e.Singin' In the Rain, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Giant, Doctor Zhivago, both Robin Hoods, etc, etc).

I've saved all of the graphic files, and you're welcome to have copies, if we can figure out a way to get them to you.

Imail724 11-18-07 01:47 PM

I'd really appreciate you sending that to me. I'm not sure if it is too big for a site like photobucket or imageshack, but if it is, you can upload it to megaupload or yousendit or one of those sites. I don't need the insert though. Thanks a lot, it sounds like it is exactly what I am looking for!

corockymtnhi 11-23-07 12:40 AM

I am not familiar with any of those websites you mentioned, but I will check them out and get back to you.

FYI, the JPG file is only 1.8 mb (because the cover image has a lot of white in it).

Imail724 11-23-07 11:12 AM

Cool, man. It's really simple, you just have to go to imageshack.us and click browse, then find the image and click host it! then just post the link here or send it to me. Thanks again for helping me out.

Imail724 11-30-07 01:32 PM

Any update on this, corockymtnhi?

ubl6612 12-01-07 05:41 AM

I have made this if you want it.


Information fits the region 1 release.

Imail724 12-01-07 11:27 AM

Wow, I really like that. I'd love for you to upload that if you don't mind. It is really really impressive!

ubl6612 12-02-07 08:01 AM


Here you go. Glad you like it.

Imail724 12-02-07 10:10 AM

Thanks again! Now let this thread slowly fade away...

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