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Linko 12-07-06 12:04 AM

Request: Scan/Cover for three movies
I've looked everywhere for a scan of these three covers of movies that have had their cover art recently changed. I'm not necessarily looking for a scan, but just any picture of reasonable size and quality of the following three images...



The Omega Man:

If anyone can scan these covers or point me to a link to these images, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking for these for awhile but can only find very poor quality or very small pictures.

Harold Wazzu 12-07-06 11:05 PM

send me an e-mail [email protected], I might be able to help with Daylight

Linko 12-18-06 10:16 PM

By the way, I'd like to thank Harold for helping me out with Daylight and The Omega Man. I'm bumping this in case anyone can still help me with Chinatown. Thanks again.

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