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canaryfarmer 02-16-06 01:29 PM

canaryfarmer's Buffy and Angel covers
I'm creating this thread simply to have my Buffy and Angel customs together in one place. The initial threads were full of scan requests and were way too spread out, and I wanted to make it easier for people to find and see the full sets, as I still get frequent requests for them. As always, just email me and I'll give you a direct link, or you can download them from R1 or CC. Thanks!

Veronica Mars Seasons 1-3 customs can be found here.

edit - additional notes - Buffy Season 1 only has 3 discs, but to keep the look of the seasons consistent, and to be able to have room for the spine image, I am leaving it as is. One can either use a similarly-sized AlphaPak 3-disc case (see the Back to the Future Trilogy case) for season 1, or simply leave the last 3 disc holders of a slim6 empty.
















Leechboy 02-16-06 03:03 PM

Can you send me a set of the Angel covers? dpfeifer @ rochester . rr. com

Your Buffy covers are the best customs I have ever seen in my life. Is there anyway you could make a similar set for 24 Season 1-4? I would love to have similar covers.

NitroJMS 02-26-06 09:06 PM

Is this the right case for these covers?


Canary, great covers, have you ever considered making one for the movie so that it matched the season sets?

canaryfarmer 03-01-06 04:59 PM


Those should work just fine. I had not considered doing the movie, actually. I don't own it myself, but I might do one. I'll post it to this thread when/if I do.

Leechboy (ah, a Foxtrot fan!),
I have no plans at the moment to do a 24 set, as there are so many out there already. Who knows, though, one day.

danaherk 03-25-06 01:47 PM

Cover request
Hey canary, its almost impossible to find decent buffy covers anywhere, yours are amazingly good. Also a fan of angel too, would you be able to send me copies of the covers for both series please? My email is [email protected]

Thanks for making these, good work.

boa26262 03-26-06 04:56 AM

canary, Could you send me the Buffy and Angel Covers. They look great, much better
than anything i could make.

my email is [email protected]

Thanks alot

Invader_Rik 03-26-06 12:09 PM

Can I get the Buffy set too?

radical _ edward 1 @ yahoo . com

Thanks in advance.

Artilios 04-02-06 09:53 AM


Could I get the Buffy & Angel set please?

e-mail: [email protected]

Thanks a lot


Melai 04-29-06 01:51 PM

IŽm from Brazil, so I donŽt speak a very good english, but IŽll try:
Your Buffy an Angel DVD covers are the best customs I have ever seen. Congratulations.
Can you send me Angel and Buffy covers?

My e-mail is [email protected]

Thank you!!

brightside89 05-02-06 02:50 PM

Your covers look awesome, they really do. Great job!

Could I please have both the Buffy and Angel ones? I would really appreciate it as I've been looking for decent covers for Buffy and Angel for quite some time now.

[email protected]

DavidB6937 05-27-06 06:57 AM

I've only just joined up so I hope it isn't too rude to request something with my first post, but these covers are EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Absolutely perfect!

I wonder if it's possible to gain the files please? Buffy and Angel would be great thank you :)

My email is [email protected]

Thank you so much and keep up the great work, you're very talented!

spook 06-17-06 12:44 PM

That was awesome covers, i have been searching a long time for both buffy and angel covers but never find any that was good enough. But this was excatly what i have been looking for.
Could I please have both the Buffy and Angel ones?

my mail: [email protected]

Zelda 06-25-06 08:38 AM

Hai CanaryFarmer,
i really love the covers you made for Angel and Buffy. Will you (please) send me the covers from Angel?

[email protected]

Thanks a lot!!

mayorofsmpleton 07-19-06 11:55 AM

My only question is why you didn't go with the original art released for Season 2 of Buffy? The ULTRA sexy shot with SMG's head a little back and angel leaning toward her in the background? It was used for the original WB promos, and for the US release of Season 2. Angel looks like he's checking out her boobs in this picture. ;)

I REALLY like having the big-bads on the back for each season, and I love the way you structured everything on the back and the spines. Very well done. :) If I didn't own the chosen collection I'd be replacing my region 1 digipacks immediately.

canaryfarmer 07-19-06 01:00 PM

Honestly, I just really like the framing and composition of that shot better. It was touch-and-go for awhile between the two :)

Glad you liked having the Big Bads on the back--Giving each Villian of the Piece a spotlight was my initial impetus for doing these in the first place.

And Zelda, did I get in contact with you? I can't remember.

BiCBauer 07-30-06 10:20 PM

Hi canary. Really nice work. I'm new here. Can I have season 6 of Buffy and season's 4 and 5 of Angel? I would really appreciate it. Also, where do you reccomend getting the 'slim 6' cases that work with your covers.

my email is: [email protected]

Thanks again!

mzupeman2 07-31-06 12:44 PM

Those slim 6 cases are superb, could just be what I need to solve my storage problems...

bash_chelik 08-07-06 09:24 PM

After a long and unsuccessful search for Buffy and Angel DVD covers I almost lost hope that I'll find some that are relatively good. But, somehow I stumbled upon this forum and couldn't belive how great these covers are. Job very well done.

I'd really appreciate if you can send me DL links on [email protected]
Thanks a lot...

gazzatrek 08-20-06 02:45 AM

FANTASTIC covers-been looking for AGES!!

PPPPPPPP-L-E-AAAAAAAA-SE 'could you send to;
[email protected]


pointmeister 09-04-06 01:53 PM

Absolutely love your covers. Could you please send me both sets.

pointmeister at ntlworld.com

Thanks very much

mysteryof 09-06-06 04:32 AM

They are just AMAZING!
Please, [email protected]

Feke77 09-10-06 05:22 AM

Wow! Those are great! I have never seen as good covers, not even original covers are this great!

The cases neede are those that looks like this, right?


Would you like to send a high-res version to feke77(a)gmail.com ? I would really appreciate it!

Keep up the good work!

canaryfarmer 09-11-06 08:15 AM

Yes, that type of case will work perfectly.

Feke77 09-11-06 11:10 AM

Thank you!

lozza86 09-12-06 08:29 AM

Cover Request

Your covers you made look awsome!!!
I would like a copy of the buffy ones please,
thankyou so much.

My email is [email protected]

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