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Rogue588 09-16-05 11:35 AM

How the hell did I miss this thread 'til now :hscratch:

Scaramanga, still handing out referrals?

DamDavila 09-16-05 03:13 PM

Yea, I've been wondering the sme thing!

okt8 10-23-05 03:12 AM

I'm sorry that I fluster you with this but it's big problem for me! I need a dvd cover about season 2 and 3 dvds.
If its possible, custom made, sideways the seven dvd construck complete picture.
If youknow like this, please send me or write me a link.

It means, for example this 'lost' cover. If you put the cases line, these are showing a 'lost' device from side aspect.

I search for 24 season 2 and 3 like this lost cover.


Sorry, my poor english......

[email protected]

ivelostr2 10-26-05 10:11 PM

Hey, I saw your covers on the "post you theater pics" thread and followed a link to here. I dont know how I missed this thread either, it must have been flying under the radar...
Those are some sweet covers. I put in a request for membership. hope I get approved...


Anamorphic 12-31-05 08:10 PM

Those are the best looking 24 covers.

Can I please have an access referral?

Soulweaver 06-02-06 04:53 AM

Hi Scara, 007 fan by any chance? ;) you might not have a golden gun, but you have a golden touch when it comes to these covers!

I see you still have Dead Like Me on your list, the following URL has nice and high res piccies (some up to 3000px) of chars, groups, etc, quite useful.


Hope it helps you with the Covers for Dead Like Me

I must say though, I'm impressed with what I'm seeing, the style works wonderfully, due to its simple elegance, Its an inspiration to us amateurs who struggle for days to make a nice cover.

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