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Old 07-23-07, 10:11 AM   #51
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Originally Posted by Egon's Ghost
To be fair, that was an early version of the cover that was eventually scrapped.
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Old 07-24-07, 08:32 AM   #52
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Thanks Randy, I didn't know that.
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Old 07-24-07, 12:34 PM   #53
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Originally Posted by ThaGoddfather
The Matador Poster was great.

Look at the DVD.
You know what's really bizarre? I've seen a few copies of The Matador at Borders with that one-sheet art. I didn't know if they have an exclusive design or what.
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Old 07-24-07, 12:46 PM   #54
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Originally Posted by burnside986
Watch out Donald Faison look-a-like! Martin's gonna hump joo!
I thought it was Todd Bridges
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Old 07-24-07, 05:14 PM   #55
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The rerelease of Bringing out the Dead has to be up there, especially when compared to the original.
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Old 07-28-07, 03:07 AM   #56
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The Burning

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Old 08-02-07, 10:19 PM   #57
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Old 08-03-07, 09:02 PM   #58
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saw this at target today. never seen the movie, so i don't know if it deserves the horrible cover it has. so so horrible and cheap-looking. the font, the "boxes" effect (don't know what to call it), the picture, the mess of colors, bleh.

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Old 08-24-07, 12:09 AM   #59
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The new upcoming Bram Stoker's Dracula SE looks terrible.
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Old 08-26-07, 08:04 PM   #60
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I second the BRINGING OUT THE DEAD comment.

I unfortunately got the "new" release. Patricia Arquette has the wrong hair color on the cover (brunette in the film, blond on the cover) and it just looks like a cheap life-time movie. The red-cross with Mr. Cage's eyes in it was far more effective (not to mention indicative of Scorsese's red obsession) and stylish.

The DVD disc art still kind of has that at least.
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Old 08-28-07, 08:36 AM   #61
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This Prom Night cover with a much older Jamie Lee Curtis (Pic is from H20) is terrible..note the uneven eyes in background, not to mention the disc is foolscreen.

The foolscreen disc to be followed by this preorder alledgedly "Widescreen", we see Cartoon Jamie Lee Curtis
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Old 01-22-15, 01:50 PM   #62
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Re: What DVD has the worse cover art?

Can someone post the new My Left Foot bluray cover? Truly awful.
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Old 01-22-15, 03:19 PM   #63
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Re: What DVD has the worse cover art?

Originally Posted by Mabuse View Post
Can someone post the new My Left Foot bluray cover? Truly awful.
Sure thing:

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Old 01-22-15, 07:46 PM   #64
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Re: What DVD has the worse cover art?

Mabuse you bumped this thread to enrage me overt the grammar abomination in the title, didn't you?
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Old 01-13-16, 08:09 PM   #65
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Re: What DVD has the worse cover art?

Freddy Got Fingered, hands down.
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