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Old 10-20-04, 01:29 PM   #26
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The Bourne Supremacy DVD cover looks quite bad... Looks like he's dancing... Smooth Criminal
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Old 10-20-04, 02:05 PM   #27
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I'd say any Michael Moore film has God-aweful cover-art.
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Old 10-20-04, 02:12 PM   #28
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Fight Club single disc.


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Old 10-20-04, 02:41 PM   #29
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This is not bad....

until you realize....

Look familiar?
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Old 10-20-04, 04:21 PM   #30
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Holy crap, that's funny. As I was scrolling down, I thought that something looked very strange about Michelle Yeoh's picture, and yet the body and pose looked familar.
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Old 10-20-04, 04:28 PM   #31
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There is a brief football practice in this, I am pretty sure the cover images aren't from the movie. The Trans-Am *might* be from the movie.

The movie has nothing to do with football, and precious little to do with the Trans-Am.

Think Revenge of the Nerds meets Grease, with a cast of familiar sit-com faces...
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Old 10-20-04, 05:11 PM   #32
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Old 10-20-04, 05:27 PM   #33
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I was going to include the High School USA cover, but decided that there's nothing wrong with it design-wise.
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Old 10-20-04, 05:39 PM   #34
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It's not only bad, but also trying to steal Van Helsing's thunder. I've seen this movie on TV many times as a kid and I don't remember graveyards, just a desert and them living up in some cliff cave or something. No lightning either.

EDIT: Oops, I got the movies mixed up. Har! I mean, how many Gargoyle movies can there be?
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"Why do they call it 'full-screen' anyway, when it's only two-thirds of the stupid movie?" Rosenstein asked. "*****ing bullsh*t aspect ratio!"

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Old 10-20-04, 06:18 PM   #35
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Originally posted by cygnet74
Aaauugh, WHYYYY??? The picture with just Zach Braff staring forward--even the ad version where his shirt and the wall behind him are made up of quotes from reviews--would've been so perfect! Sometimes I wonder what idiots these movie companies have working in their design departments.
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Old 10-21-04, 12:17 AM   #36
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Originally posted by littlefuzzy

I was actually gonna throw this into the mix... Just pick up this fairly unknown gem, and of course the cover doesn't represent the film at all. It's a made-for-TV movie with a bunch of, then famous, TV stars. Great movie by the way. Just "ask Bandini, he's been there..."
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Old 10-21-04, 01:56 AM   #37
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Jersey Girl. The movie wasn't all that great, but a DVD cover that didn't look like barf might've helped. It's also misleading, with Liv Tyler played up as the supposed "Jersey Girl". (Notice Kevin Smith hiding up in the corner - how many directors are subjected to having their face on their DVD covers, especially such a horrible one?) The one-sheet wasn't great - it was as though they never knew what image to put out there.

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Old 10-21-04, 02:02 AM   #38
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I think Universal's Peter Pan has one of the worst covers I've seen in a long time.
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Old 10-22-04, 02:16 PM   #39
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Old 10-23-04, 12:24 AM   #40
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The cover makes this look like a direct to video Barbie film and I was embarassed to walk out of the store with it despite favorable reviews from this site and many other reviewers and good comparisons to Shrek and A Princess Bride.


This is the worst - as in most misleading. Makes this film about lesbians look sexy, romantic and in color. None of this is true for the actual film. Instead you get scenes like this...
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Old 10-23-04, 08:10 PM   #41
DVD Talk Special Edition
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Originally posted by cygnet74
What's so bad about this cover? I was actually surprised they went with a more inventive route rather than slapping Jack Black and Ben Stiller's faces on the cover.

Gangs of New York has some god awful cover art. The original cover was pretty lousy but then they had to revise it by blowing up everyone's faces even more. Too bad most custom cover sites don't accept Miramax covers.

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Old 10-30-04, 02:06 PM   #42
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Disregard directions sent from Hell.

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Old 10-31-04, 07:26 PM   #43
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Real Genius
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Old 02-24-05, 05:44 PM   #44
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how about the cover to "Shiri"

i don't think she wore anything like that in the movie, and it makes it seem like a sleeze chinese flick. the one for the miramax version of infernal affairs is equally as bad.

thats supposed to be the secretary right? she never carries a gun and never wears that.
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Old 02-25-05, 12:19 AM   #45
Needs to contact an admin about multiple accounts
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with theatrical art this good...

how could they replace it with cover art this bad?

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Old 06-12-07, 11:48 AM   #46
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Just... what?
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Old 06-25-07, 05:18 PM   #47
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Watch out Donald Faison look-a-like! Martin's gonna hump joo!
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Old 07-14-07, 11:59 PM   #48
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The Matador Poster was great.

Look at the DVD.
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Old 07-20-07, 09:35 AM   #49
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"England movie circles cluster animportant history for but moving"

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Old 07-23-07, 10:10 AM   #50
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The Burning has got to go on that list, I dont even want to post it....Its that bad IMO.
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