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poashaggy69 09-04-04 08:08 PM

Where can i get alternate DVD Covers?
and how do i print them, like how do they work?

joliom 09-06-04 03:49 PM

There are various sites where you can find covers. Dagon's Den (Dagonsden.com) is one. There are links to others in the sticky thread. We used to have a major central site (dvdcoverart.com) with thousands of covers, but it got shut down. If you're looking for something in particular try throwing up a request thread here. As far as making your own, here is a basic tutorial:

Scanning Covers:

1. Scan the original DVD cover at 600 dpi. Turn off Auto Sharpeners & Descreen, adjust highlights/shadow/midtones to your tastes (scan the front, back & spine separately if your computer can't handle the size of the complete cover).

2. Save your finished scan.

3. Open the scan using whatever image editing software you prefer (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.).

4. Rotate the cover to correct positioning (90° to the left) and magnify to a good working size.

5. Use the selection tool to select the entire cover and apply a Gaussian Blur (typically with a radius of between .50 to 1.00) in order to eliminate the halftone dots (if necessary you can also apply an Unsharp Mask to sharpen the image a little).

6. Make any necessary adjustments to the image (color/shadow/midtones etc.).

7. Using the Selection Tool, select the front cover and Copy it.

8. Open a New Image (i.e. a new window) and Paste the front cover in.

9. Clean it up if necessary (crop edges, etc. - the clone brush is your best friend here).

10. Resize the front cover to 7.25" width x 5.117" height, 600 pixel per inch resolution (4350 x 3070 pixels).

11. Save the finished front cover as a new file and close everything down (too many open windows with 600 dpi images will often lead to freeze-ups).

12. Open a blank cover Template (easy to get from people here or you can make one very easily yourself - all you need to know is the dimensions for each type of case).

13. Using the Selection Tool, select the front cover area of the template and Paste into it the resized front cover from Step 10.

14. Repeat Steps 6-12 for the Back and Spine (spine should be sized 7.25" x 0.567" for a standard single-size case).

15. Down Convert the completed cover to 300 dpi (if your template is at 300 dpi then the images will usually be automatically downcoverted when you cut & paste them into the template). Make sure the finished template is sized correctly (7.25 x 10.80" for a standard single keepcase).

16. Save the file using "Save As" to prevent saving over your original blank template.

*Note: for “Save As Type” use “JPEG/JFIF compliant” and go into the Options tab to set the Compression Factor at 1. A higher compression factor will reduce the quality. Best is to save the cover as a totally uncompressed Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIFF, TIFF or other file type. It will be much bigger in size, but then you can make changes/edits without reducing the overall quality.

Printing Covers:

1. Open the completed cover file.

2. Rotate it 90 degrees.

3. Set your printer to the highest allowable print setting.

4. Select the appropriate paper type (I prefer photo paper, myself).

5. If your printer allows borderless printing then set the Printable Area for Maximum. Otherwise, you'll need to trick it since a DVD cover is just bigger than the allowable standard print margins for "Letter" sized documents (8.5 x 11") and will get cut off. To do this, set the Paper Size to "Legal" (8.5 x 14"). Take a standard sheet of paper, cut off a strip a few inches long and tape it lightly to the end of the paper you are printing your cover on (this is to make the printer think it is a longer sheet of paper than it really is). Don't worry, a standard single-size cover will fit entirely on a single sheet of letter sized paper - the extra strip is just so that the printer won't cut off early where it thinks the margins should be. Your other alternative is just to use legal-sized paper (which you'll have to do anyway for any double, triple, quadruple, etc. covers).

6. Print the cover.

7. Let dry.

8. Cut/Trim the cover (metal ruler & Exacto knife work best).

Cover sizes & Templates:

At 300 dpi, these are the recommended sizes for each keepcase:

single: 3240 x 2175 pixels (spine: 170 pixels)
double: 3305 x 2175 pixels (spine: 235 pixels)
triple (slim): 3384 x 2175 pixels (spine 314 pixels)
4/5 disc: 3508 x 2175 pixels (spine: 438 pixels)
6/7 disc: 3661 x 2175 pixels (spine: 591 pixels)

Insert card: 4.846667 x 7.34 inches (1465 x 2175)

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