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Divx32 07-28-04 11:51 PM

Daprogger's Site
I have recently visited Daproggers DVD and Label Site. While some of the covers are cdcovers.cc the site does have quite a few high resolution covers. I was wondering if anyone has visited his site.

pearsOfRE78 07-29-04 02:27 PM

yeah, but i can't download. its too slow or something. anyone have this problem?

Divx32 07-29-04 05:32 PM

I can download but it is pretty slow, you just have to be patient.

Michael Corvin 07-29-04 10:23 PM

Very slow. Some of them get hung up on me. I gave up. Plus the quality is a hit or miss.

dav3dub 08-03-04 02:23 AM

You should use netscape to download from daprogger. It has a built download log that you can pause and resume the download so it doesnt get broken. helps for me at least..

Divx32 08-03-04 03:08 AM

Its not as slow as it was before, but it still does take some time

Living Dead 08-10-04 03:24 AM

I downloaded some x-files covers and they looked so terrible I deleted them.

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