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kylierobbie 07-26-04 11:44 PM

Beauty and the Beast Criterion 1st print
I've got a problem. I just bought the 1st print of beauty and the beast criterion for 15 dollars in good condition. When i got home I noticed that it didn't come with an insert. I bought it so i could sell it on ebay. Now im wondering if i should keep it and try to sell it, or should i return it for 76% of the price i bought it for. Any advice would be greatful.

Fandango 07-27-04 12:20 AM

Try selling it without the insert and see how much you can get for it, set a high reserve....

manicsounds 07-27-04 11:03 AM

You will not get much if you mention "No Insert"
but if you DONT mention, the buyer will be angry.
(Criterion MUST come with the insert, its part of the deal)

Beauty and The Beast Criterion 1st Press doesnt go for much,
especially since the 2nd press blows it away completely

scrimshaw 07-28-04 03:18 AM

A batch of the original Beauty and the Beast were missing an insert. Try emailing Criterion for a replacement, they sent me one no questions asked.

celluloidbuff 07-28-04 03:22 AM

Production/packaging error for 1st print BATB
Criterion had an acknowledged production error with a large portion of the pressing of the first print of Beauty and the Beast. The inserts were left out of a great number of the run. At the time, you could simply email Jon Mulvaney at the Criterion website to request a free replacement. That all went out the window when the title went out-of-print. In fact, I would hazard to guess that a great majority of the sealed copies of the 1st printing of Criterion's Beauty and the Beast lack an insert. My own copy came without one, but a quick email to Mulvaney landed one in my mailbox within three days.

scrimshaw 07-28-04 03:32 AM

Yeah, they probably are out of them now that the dvd is out of print. Anyways, get the new version, it's a revelation.

kylierobbie 07-29-04 12:07 AM

thanks for the help. I was wondering if you know Mulvaney's email address. Thanks.

manicsounds 07-29-04 12:25 AM

Just his usual address?
He probably wont want me to give it out to some random stranger....

Instead, I will direct you to http://www.criterionco.com/asp/support_home.asp and you can ask Jon there.

kylierobbie 07-29-04 01:20 AM


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