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Tweak 07-21-04 06:34 PM

Sealab 2021 - Defective Discs
Today, I returned Sealab 2021: Season One due to freeze-ups and skipping in episodes 1 and 2. The replacement set suffers the same defect in the same episodes. Anyone else having this problem?

Phuzbox 07-21-04 06:49 PM

Have you tried it in another dvd player? What make/model are you using?

MahatmaPetey 07-21-04 07:07 PM

i've watched the first 3 episodes and they play fine.

Tweak 07-21-04 07:28 PM

Sony DVP-S560D and a Philips DVD 727. The glitch occurs in exactly the same spot on both players---the "frozen in carbonite" exchange near the end of "I, Robot" and right after Murphy says, "I love Michael Caine!" in "Happy Cake."

I've never had a problem with any disc in either of these machines.

emhello 07-21-04 07:51 PM

Play fine for me.

tenaciousdave 07-22-04 12:22 AM

My set plays fine in my Sony DVP-S560D and my Toshiba SD-4900.

mzupeman2 07-22-04 08:45 AM

I've had no problem watching mine and I'm using the 5 disc changer that comes with the Panasonic HT-920

steebo777 07-22-04 10:00 AM

Mine play fine, you might've just gotten a bad pressing.

SideShow 07-22-04 01:02 PM

No problems with mine, but on my disc 1 of Aqua Teen Season 2 one of the episodes pixelated and froze, so I'm going to have to return it. When I got the first season a while back the first disc of THAT was also defective, there was actually a lot of visible glue splattered around inbetween the layers. Maybe whatever place does the Adult Swin seasons needs to re-evaluate their damage control or something.

Tweak 07-22-04 03:11 PM

Third set, same problem, in the same episodes, on every DVD player I've tried (4). Definitely a bad batch. I'm going back for a refund and trying a different retailer.

drjay 07-22-04 03:55 PM

Which store did you get it at Tweak? I want to make sure I don't buy it there, as I was planning on picking it up tonight, heh.

Breakfast with Girls 07-22-04 04:59 PM

I watched the entire set and had no problems.

Tweak 07-23-04 03:58 PM


Circuit City on Cobb Parkway. They refunded my money, but I've yet to buy a new set. I'll try Best Buy, this evening.

clckworang 07-25-04 03:49 PM

I haven't any problems with my Sealab or Aqua Teen discs.

Tweak 07-25-04 06:10 PM

Success! My fourth set plays flawlessly!

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