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Divx32 07-19-04 07:37 PM

Cover Request for DarthVong
I remember you doing a set for the Harry Potter movies that were made to resemble books. I was wondering if you still had these and if you could possibly send them to me. If not, are they available at Dagon's or any other place?

Gore_Hound_X 07-19-04 09:09 PM

Which versions are you looking for? He made thin and thick versions and 2 versions each of the first film.

Divx32 07-20-04 01:12 AM

I am lookin g for the thin versions. What was different about the two versions he made for the first movie?

Gore_Hound_X 07-20-04 03:37 PM

He made a Canadian Version (called The Philosopher's Stone) and an American Version (called The Sorceror's Stone).

You might try contacting [email protected] and seeing if he has them. I think he at least has The Chamber of Secrets

Michael Corvin 07-20-04 05:08 PM

Shouldn't that be request FOR DV? The request if coming FROM you, he isn't requesting anything.

Divx32 07-20-04 06:21 PM

By saying from DarthVong, I meant I wanted a cover from him, but now I notice it does sound awkard. I am looking for the American Version of the Film. I will try contacting that email you posted.

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