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critterdvd 07-17-04 05:37 PM

Tru Calling is coming
The TV Series, "Tru Calling" starring Eliza Dusku, which is surpisingly starting its second season on November, will be having it's first season on DVD.

According to tvshowsondvd.com the series first season DVD is already "inthe works." http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=1906

Geofferson 07-17-04 06:31 PM


viking99 07-17-04 07:05 PM

Great! :up: First Greg the Bunny, and now Tru Calling. At this rate, we may yet see Duckman and Happy Hour.....

David Lambert 07-17-04 09:00 PM

To be accurate, I never said "season set". It probably IS one, but that hasn't been specified yet.

Just covering my ass...

Amel 07-18-04 09:15 AM

I'll wait til the second season's over before I decide to pick this up. If it comes out. That report also says the guy says "we're working on it". That doesn't sound like it's going to be anytime soon.

The first season was pretty crappy until the re-vamp at midseason. The show reallly picked up with the Jason Priestly addition. The relationship between him, Tru, and her father should be exciting.

LBCrazyFool 07-19-04 04:44 PM

I enjoyed this show and was hoping it would come out on DVD. There is always room to add more Eliza to my collection. :drool:

bodomnet 07-19-04 06:44 PM

Greeeeeeeeeat, heh.

Great series cant wait.

meharry2003 07-19-04 08:55 PM

They can release crap like Malcom in the MIddle and Tru Calling but they can't release Boston Public?

critterdvd 07-20-04 07:11 PM

David Lambert

To be accurate, I never said "season set". It probably IS one, but that hasn't been specified yet.
Sorry about that, I just assumed.

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