Single Season Shows that need DVD

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Single Season Shows that need DVD

I was thinking the other day about what great DVD release have come out for tv-show that only lasted one year... Look at this years "Freaks and Geeks" and last years "Firefly." I was also thinking about what shows should get such treatement (I believe that Young Americans and Glory Days need dvds) what does everyone else think, besides undeclared (thats already a given)?
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Since reality shows are now getting a huge DVD release, I would love to see a two-disc set of USA's five-episode Cannonball Run reality series, which I thought was a total blast.

I would also love a set consisting of The WB's Off Centre.

What about Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts?
Nickelodeon's Welcome Freshman?
MTV's Clone High?
MTV's Now What? (or as it was called in Canada, The Sausage Factory)?
NBC's Coupling remake?
ABC's It's Like, You Know?
WB's Do Over?
NBC's Fred Savage cubicle classic Working?
WB's Freakazoid?
Sci-Fi/USA's G vs E?
NBC's Go Fish?
NBC's Something So Right?
FX's Lucky?
WB's Movie Stars?
NBC's Misfits of Science?
The six-episode Police Squad?
ABC's Snoops?
MTV's 2Gether?

I can go on....
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I would love to have "Quark" from 1978. It was only on for 7 shows, but I loved them all - Gene/Jean still makes me laugh.

It came out in 1978. Richard Benjamin was the captain of a intergalatic garbage ship. He had a man that was a plant for first officer his name was Ficus. Then there was a guy that they called Gene/Jean his personality went from male to female. There was also a set of blonde twins that were androids. At the beginning of each eps, they would be sitting around a confrence table giving out assignments and they would turn to Quark and say..."Quark you pick up the garbage." Insted of the force they called it th source.

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Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Man, that was a funny show.
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Square Pegs
Flying Blind
Normal, Ohio
Some of My Best Friends
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If I got The Lone Gunmen I'd be happy
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What self respecting comic book geek would be complete without the complete Flash collection? Any word on this coming out?
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Loved Quark. Undeclared is a no brainer. And Downtown, an animated series on MTV about five years ago, would all be must buys for me.
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Nickelodeon's Welcome Freshman?

PLEASE! I loved this show when I was a kid in junior high .
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Nowhere Man
The Chronicle
Dark Skies
Strange Luck
John Doe

to name a few.
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Originally posted by A-Cod
What self respecting comic book geek would be complete without the complete Flash collection? Any word on this coming out?
Rights hell from what I hear. Even worse than Batman.

I'd like to see Working.
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Police Squad!

I would definitely buy that.
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3 South
Off Centre ( I think 1 1/2 seasons aired )
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Easily It's Like, You Know... If that was ever released, wow, I'd be there the first day to get it. Quite possibly my favorite TV show ever.
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I would agree with FX's Lucky. I'd buy two copies of this show if it would help. What a great cast (w/ excellent guest stars).
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Mindless, but vastly entertaining. Especially when Jamie Pressly guest starred

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Matthew Chmiel, I love your taste.

I would love these:

Cannonball Run 2001
Odd Man Out
Go Fish! (a little gem of a show)
MTV's The Head
It's Like, You Know
Those old Nickolodean shows
Movie Stars
Do Over
Something So Right
Normal, Ohio
Off Centre
Boston Common
Soul Man

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ChrisHicks took half of my must have list... I'd literally kill for a Brimstone/Freakylinks release, and would like to see John Doe as well, even though I made sure to archive the series when it aired.

Fantasy Island 1998
American Gothic
Now and Again
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Wolf Lake
Legend of Zelda Animated Series (Was part of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show)

For the record, It's Like, You Know (2 seasons, 26 episodes total); Welcome, Freshman (Not sure how many seasons, but 52 episodes); Salute Your Shorts (2 seasons, 26 episodes); Andy Richter Controls the Universe (2 seasons, 19 episodes total) all had more than one season. I badly would like to see all four shows on DVD, thus how I know they had more than one season.

Three out of the four could be released in one set, but I could easily see their respective owners milking them for every penny they can get...
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There was a show called "That was Then" on ABC 2 years ago. Kinda like Quantum Leap or Sliders. 4 episodes were shot, only 2 episodes aired. I'd love a 1 or 2 disk release of it. It will ever happen though.
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When Things Were Rotten, 13 episodes, 1975
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I'd love to see John Doe get released, as I missed the last few episodes.
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Originally posted by TabascoKid

Mindless, but vastly entertaining. Especially when Jamie Pressly guest starred

I agree that Fastlane needs to come out on DVD. It was very entertaining and the show had a great look and sound.
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Here's my wish list:

The Job
Karen Sisco
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Police Squad is the obvious choice.

Fastlane - yeah, even I might be up for that release.

It was on only 2 seasons, not 1, but the show I am most eager to see on DVD is Titus.
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Action! This would absolutely be the gem of my TV collection.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. I've never seen this. But I'm sure it's damn funny, and I'd buy it if it were out.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe. I saw this once. I would buy every episode if it were released.

Dinosaurs. The puppet thing. I think it only lasted a year. I loved it.

Earth 2. This show was terrible. But I'd buy it.

Eerie, Indiana. I'm about this close to spending the money for it on eBay.

Family Dog. I loved loved loved this cartoon. Please release it. I'm about to buy a laserdisc player and the LD's if I don't get it soon.

Freakazoid. Wasn't this only a season?

Get a Life. I'm not buying what they've got out now.

Greg the Bunny. Not very good. But kind of disturbing. I'd buy it.

Jack of All Trades. Never saw it. Perfect for DVD.

The Lone Gunman. As a completist, I bought the last several seasons of the X-Files. Might as well buy this, too.

The Michael Richards Show. What a train wreck. Let me buy it.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose. I think this was only a season long.

TV Nation. Was this one season or two?

Watching Ellie. I have no idea why I watched this show.

Young Indiana Jones. This show, for a time, was my reason for living.
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