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fullyloaded 07-08-04 01:40 PM

Best DVD Comparison Websites
What are the best sites that compare DVD quality between versions of the DVD?

PolloDiablo 07-08-04 01:46 PM

http://www.dvdcompare.net has always worked pretty well for me

obscurelabel 07-08-04 04:29 PM

www.dvdbeaver.com is terrific.

www.dvd-basen.dk has exhaustive links to reviews ... not really comparisons, but you can get multiple review of the same movie on different regional DVDs.

ruk 07-09-04 05:17 AM

pricegrabber.com or dvdpricesearch.com

ruk 07-09-04 05:20 AM

sorry did not read the post properly

RichDB10 07-09-04 06:29 AM

Originally posted by obscurelabel
www.dvdbeaver.com is terrific.

On the whole i agree with this....excellent site....not without it's faults IMO though...there have been occasions where i just can't see the basis of Gary's reasoning but then again things are subjective i guess.

juicerocket 07-09-04 08:57 AM

I like dvdbeaver.com as well. I really enjoy his set up for comparing disks by showing top-to-top screenshots. Good stuff.


Fok 07-09-04 11:45 AM

dvdbeaver :thumbsup:

Hokeyboy 07-09-04 12:07 PM

Gotta go with beaver.

CrumpsBrother 07-09-04 06:38 PM

I'm going to second www.DVDcompare.net (and for individuals reviews from around the world DVD-basen)

I don't like that layout of DVDbeaver. As I'm still on dial-up, the pages take forever to load, what with all those screen caps...

towbinaj 07-09-04 07:00 PM

i love the beaver

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