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ukywyldcat 04-30-04 01:04 PM

Discontinued status on movies you ONCE owned...and what you did about it.
I know many of you sell unwanted titles on eBay, as I have done, and wondered if you ever did what I have done.

I've sold movies when they were still current catalog titles, only to find later that they were discontinued. That discontinued status renewed my interest in them, and I ended up searching to attain them once again.

This happened a few years ago with Midnight Run. I sold it, and when it was discontinued, I sought it out again. Fortunately, I did this right about the time of the rerelease, so I didn't pay top dollar. However, the discontinued status sparked my interest in restocking it in my collection.

Also, I had a similar situation where I waited forever to buy Dawn of the Dead, expecting to see a price drop, only to find it was discontinued.

Fortunately, I bought that one for a mere $30 from Ameoba when eBay sellers were getting $100.

ukywyldcat 04-30-04 01:13 PM

Now that I think about it, I did this with Animal House as well...and American Graffiti.

jasonnaper 04-30-04 01:17 PM

seek help buddy

PixyJunket 04-30-04 01:27 PM

Discontinued = Good?

ukywyldcat 04-30-04 01:30 PM

Originally posted by PixyJunket
Discontinued = Good?
No...discontinued = cannot buy/cannot rent/wished I hadn't hastily sold

I evaluate many things I own under a 1 year rule...don't use in 1 year, get rid of it. Every once and awhile that ends up being something I later regretted, such as a DVD.

However, I don't have a bunch of junk all over my house and I have plenty of extra cash from the sales of crap I would never miss, so the repurchase isn't such a big deal.

PixyJunket 04-30-04 01:47 PM

Well I try to evaluate DVDs I'd sell on if I'd ever watch it again, not on when the last time I watched it was.

ukywyldcat 04-30-04 01:57 PM

Originally posted by PixyJunket
Well I try to evaluate DVDs I'd sell on if I'd ever watch it again, not on when the last time I watched it was.

Actually, with DVDs, I do try to stay away from my 1 year rule about crap in my house, because it is unreasonable to think that one will watch every movie they own each year.

However, I did get into DVD early, sometime in 1996/97, and had a collection of nearly 600 by 1999, when I started an account on eBay. Previous to opening an account on eBay, I was buying near 20 DVDs per month, back when it was customary for all DVDs to be $20 or higher.

I weeded out many titles when I was in law school, because I wasn't watching anything during the time, and put them on eBay. Interestingly, I sold most DVDs at that time for what I paid for them or often more, as eBay was new to many and people were not as savvy with holding back on overbidding.

Since then, I wished I hadn't sold some of the titles that I had. It happens that anything I've repurchased was Universal. Midnight Run, Animal House, American Graffiti, and I did sell Fast Times and have considered buying the 2 pack at Circuit City I've read about here...

jough 04-30-04 04:31 PM

I've only sold DVDs that I upgraded - i.e. Traffic, The Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, &c.

So no, no worries there.

PopcornTreeCt 04-30-04 04:48 PM

I sold my M Criterion as Out Of Print. But then again that went OOP for a good reason.

jough 04-30-04 05:05 PM

M Criterion was in print until February to make way for a better release. It's not exactly out of print, and is still available at pretty much every retailer:

The original Criterion edition of Fritz Lang's groundbreaking suspense masterwork M was taken out of print early this year to make room for an all new DVD edition of the film, slated for release late in 2004. The upcoming re-release of M will feature a pristine transfer from newly restored film elements, as well as a host of new special features. Keep an eye on the Criterion website for news and updates on this release.

ckolchak 04-30-04 05:24 PM

Originally posted by PixyJunket
Discontinued = Good?
it's along the lines of the same phenomenon that causes you to get hit on by more girls when they see you already with a girlfriend.

unattainable = desireable
easily obtainable = "eh"

cultshock 04-30-04 06:14 PM

Discontinued = Good?
That must make Salo the bestest movie ever! :banana:

kar10 04-30-04 11:05 PM

Just let it go and get the newest version.

The problem is that you think too much about the DVD's you used to have.

gutwrencher 04-30-04 11:53 PM

Originally posted by ukywyldcat
it is unreasonable to think that one will watch every movie they own each year.

I dont put that kind of a limit on my library. theres no urgent need to watch everything in such a short time, unless I'm terminal. I just dont get into buying dvds and then dumping them for $...and then buying them all over again because I should have kept it in the first place. a few upgrades and sure...I might donate to the hospital or public library, but I keep many of my early editions as back-ups. besides, instead of wasting all that time on ebay...I'd rather just be out buying more dvds.

but then I'm way past film-addiction, so what do I know.

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