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TBFL 04-04-04 07:51 AM

Twilight Zone Double Dip - Anyone know if its worth it ?
I've slowly been purchasing the Image Entertainment 9-DVD box sets to complete my Twilight Zone collection, when I recently read about a "Gold Edition" set that features all 156 original episodes in their original broadcast order +4 bonus discs of extras totaling 49 DVD's and limited to 2500 printings.

I've seen the set advertised all over the web and Ebay but not seen any actual reviews of it or comparisons of it to the Image sets. Does anyone here have this and can they tell me if it was made from the same master source material ? The Image set is nice overall but does feature many episodes with specks and streaks across the negative material.

The fact that this set is in chronological order versus the randomness of the Image sets alone is making me consider the switch since the price isnt much different overall.

Thanks for any info,


bboisvert 04-04-04 04:36 PM

It is made from the same master and source material. The difference is the packaging, chronological order, and 'limited, collectible' nature of the set.

Cocopugg 04-04-04 05:01 PM

Not worth it at all. The original source material was the 1 inch video masters used for syndication. Do I really want to throw away all that cash again only to see the episodes in chronological order? That's what episode guides are for. As for when I WILL pay for a complete new set...as soon as all the original 35mm masters of the show are digitally transferred, so that the episodes look as great as THE OUTER LIMITS DVDs look.


Admiral7 04-04-04 06:00 PM

There are going to re-release The Twilight Zone -- AGAIN -- in Season Sets, so you might wanna wait and see how that turns out.

TBFL 04-04-04 06:30 PM

Thanks for the info - I knew this was the place to ask...
Any date on season sets ?

marty888 04-04-04 10:44 PM

Season sets, huh? Glad I didn't jump in and buy the current sets yet.

The Third Jake 04-05-04 01:48 AM

If I remember correctly, the latest I'd heard was someone at HTF who emailed Image a few months ago and was told a tentative "late 2004."

Of course, take that third-hand information for what's it worth.

Admiral7 04-05-04 02:43 AM

The following was posted on tvshowsondvd.com on 2/9/04:

Marc Scott Zicree, author of The Twilight Zone Companion (among others), was interviewed this past weekend on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory.

According to listeners, Zicree stated during the interview that Image Entertainment is re-visiting the original Twilight Zone series in season-set releases. Zicree stated he knows this because he is consulting on "neat extras" for the new DVD set.

One listener, "Rick P", discussed this at the Home Theater Forum, and was questioned as to whether there could be confusion here: could Zicree have been discussing DVDs of the previously reported project for The New Twilight Zone (1985 series)? Rick responded in that thread that the only frame of reference in the interview was the original 1959 version of the show, and that's what he took it to mean.

Image has released every episode of the series twice before: first, as a series of 45 individual-DVD releases with 3-4 episodes each in no particular order, in full-size "keepcase" DVD boxes. Then the exact same masters where re-used to collect all 45 DVDs into 5 box sets of 9 discs each (stored in "thincases" within each box set), keeping the same "random" episode order.

In late 2002 an in-airdate-order release of the original Twilight Zone was made available from a company called MediaRacer, but wasn't available in stores and cost quite a bit ($399.95 for 49 DVDs, only available as a "complete" purchase).

Since the remaining consumers who want to purchase this series have expressed interest in box sets that are at smaller, easier-to-purchase chunks that have the episodes in airdate order, it seems logical that Image would accomodate them down the road. Die-hard fans who have already purchased the previous releases, however, are already expressing displeasure that they might be left out in the cold on new supplements created for the new set, when they've already purchased every episode on DVD. It would be up to Image, of course, to decide what - if anything - to do for these customers. Right now, though, Image has not made any announcement to verify that this is even coming.

Stay tuned, and we'll let you know anything else we find out.

superstringtheory 04-05-04 02:54 AM

I'm actually very happy I bought the Gold edition. The outer two boxes are a little flimsy (like the Criterion Hitchcock set) but chronological was the way to go for me and they do look good.

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